The Last Flight of Noah’s Ark (1980) Movie Review

Director: Charles Jarrott

Writer: Steven W Carabatsos, Sandy Glass, George Arthur Bloom (Screenplay) Ernest K Gann (Story)

Starring: Elliott Gould, Genevieve Bujold, Ricky Schroder, Vincent Gardenia, Tammy Lauren, John Fujioka, Yuki Shimoda

Plot: When a plane carrying various animals makes a forced landing on a desert island, the only chance to escape is to convert the plane into a boat.

Tagline – On a wing and a prayer… they built a legend.

Runtime: 1 Hour 37 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Nice Little Adventure

Story: The Last Flight of Noah’s Ark starts as debt riddled Noah Dugan (Gould) is given a chance to clear some of his debts with a flight for a missionary Bernadette Lafleur (Bujold) who is trying to take some animals to a remote island in the Pacific, knowing how difficult the flight is with animals, Noah reluctantly agrees, unaware children Bobby (Schroder) and Julie (Lauren) have boarded the plane.

When the plane ends up going off course, the plane lands on another island, one that still has Japanese soldiers on believing the war is still on going and they must try and put the differences aside to survive the island.

Thoughts on The Last Flight of Noah’s Ark

Characters – Noah Dugan has left himself in debt to loan sharks that are looking to get their money back, he has 24-hours to find the funds, which sees him turn to every person who could give him a pilot job, with his last resort being Stoney, a flight he doesn’t want to make, but sees as his chance to escape for now. He doesn’t like the idea of animals and once he learns the children have joined it only makes him grumpier, even if he will always try to do the right thing. Bernadette Lafleur is the missionary looking to make a difference on an island colony, she is leaving the orphanage to make this happen, with the word of God by her side, she is the one that always remains calm during each crisis they face. Bobby and Julie are the two children that sneak onto the plane as they want to be with their animals, they just make everything more difficult for the adults.

PerformancesElliott Gould in the leading role is great to watch, he reacts like any normal person through the situations they handle. Genevieve Bujold is strong too being the opposite to Gould through the film, while the child stars do bring the annoying side required.

StoryThe story follows a reluctant pilot and the missionary group he is transporting crash land on an island and they must figure out how to get off the island alive. This story is focused on putting aside differences to achieve things, with the opposite mindset of both Noah and Bernadette needing to show they can both help each other escape the island. It does try to reflect the biblical story of Noah’s ark, which is doesn’t reach the levels of in anyway, but ends up doing everything right for a safe escape from desert island story.

Adventure The adventure side of the film is all about trying to survive the island, it does let the children feel like they are enjoying themselves.

SettingsThe film is set mostly on the desert island, it looks beautiful and has everything you would expect to see on one, working perfectly for the film.

Scene of the Movie – Set sail.

That Moment That Annoyed Me – How did they get the cow in the boat part?

Final Thoughts This is an interesting adventure that checks off the boxes with ease, has a strong lead with a safe adventure to survive.

Overall: Enjoyable Adventure.

ABC Film Challenge – World Cinema – # – 120 BPM (2017)

Director: Robin Campillo

Writer: Robin Campillo, Philippe Mangeot (Screenplay)

Starring: Nahuel Perez Biscayart, Arnaud Valois, Adele Haenel, Antoine Reinartz, Felix Maritaud, Ariel Borenstein


Plot: Members of the advocacy group ACT UP Paris demand action by the government and pharmaceutical companies to combat the AIDS epidemic in the early 1990s.


Runtime: 2 Hours 23 Minutes


There may be spoilers in the rest of the review


Verdict: Important Drama


Story: 120 BPM starts when Nathan (Valois) looks to join the ACT UP group for homosexuals with aids fighting for their rights, Sophie (Haenel) and Thibault (Reinartz) lead the campaign which they make peaceful with fake blood being their only props.

As the fight continues to gain moment the group get to discuss issues in an open light which see them question a pharmaceutical company who is denying them medicine which could help prolong the life of the suffers, all while Nathan starts a relationship with one of the members of the group Sean (Biscayart).


Thoughts on 120 BPM


Characters – Sean is one of the active members of ACT UP group, he has been part of the group and will challenge the options of the group without going against them, he starts a relationship with Nathan as the two get to see just how much more they are fighting for. Nathan is the newest member of the group, he gets the chance to join after seeing what they are all about and it isn’t long before he knew this was where he was meant to be fighting for his right to live. Sophie runs eh campaigns for the group, she keeps them peaceful believing this will be the only way to keep their priorities in the right direction. Thibault helps run the group working with Sophie leading the campaigns for the rights of the people.

PerformancesWhen it comes to the performances here we get wonderful performances from the whole cast, each one shows the ability to have a calm and desperate side which is what the characters require if they are to get their points across. Nobody looks out of place in this movie.

StoryThe story here shows how the campaign to give the AIDS sufferers in France gained a movement through the 1990s, it showed how the homosexual community joined forces to peaceful protest to have the right to prolong their lives, while having their own tragic stories of how they became infected with AIDS. This story falls into the important genre because it shows just how important what these people fought for would be for the future of millions, be it through awareness of he disease or the potential cur that could one day save millions.

SettingsThe film uses the settings to show us the everyday life of the people involved, then the meeting locations with the campaign locations too.

Scene of the Movie –
The meetings.

That Moment That Annoyed Me It does feel like a long movie.

Final ThoughtsThis an important movie and shows the struggles for equal rights when it comes to health care the people went through.


Overall: Important drama that needs watching.