ABC Film Challenge – Action – T – Thirst (2015)

Director: Greg Kiefer

Writer: Elizabeth Hansen (Screenplay) Greg Kiefer (Story)

Starring: John Redlinger, Jes Macallan, Karl Makinen, Clare Niederpruem, Ryan Zimmer, Cardiff Gerhardt


Plot: When a group of wayward teens arrive at a desert boot camp, with no communication, and nowhere to run to, they realize their only chance for survival is to fight for their lives.

Tagline – It came from outer space…It came hungry.

Runtime: 1 Hours 27 Minutes


There may be spoilers in the rest of the review


Verdict: Basic Survival Horror


Story: Thirst starts by heading to the desert boot camp run by Claire (Macallan) and Burt (Makinen) who are running low on funds forcing Roth (Redlinger) to become the reluctant guide. The guests are a string of wayward teens including Courtney (Niederpruem), Lius (Zimmer), Trapper (Gerhardt) and Meeka (Santos) who are not happy about being here.

When the group finds themselves under attack from an unknown creature, they must put aside their differences to battle to survive.


Thoughts on Thirst


Characters – Roth is the young guide forced into leading the camp, he knows how to survive in the open space and will have to put any differences he has aside to lead the teenagers to safety. Claire runs the camp which has been her heart and soul, even though they are running low of funds she knows she is doing a good thing for the people involved. Burt is the partner in working at the camp, he is a former cag fighter whose reputation has gotten him in trouble before. Courtney is one of the teenagers sent here, along with the rest they all fit the generic collection of teens you would imagine seeing in this film.

PerformancesWhen we look at the performances John Redlinger is the best of an average cast, the teenagers are played out just like they need to without being original the parental figures are too, nobody is terrible, while nobody stands out as anything you will remember.

StoryThe story here follows a group of teenagers sent to a boot camp in the middle of the desert, where they come under attack from an alien creature that is sucking the life out of the victims. This is a survival horror sci-fi so we get plenty of disposable characters, a reluctant hero and a creature that can’t be stopped easily. The ingredients are all here and the story is kept simple to follow, we don’t get twists, we just have a battle to survive which is all we needed from this story. it could be said to have borrowed from a few previous films in the genre, but it doesn’t do too much wrong with what it uses.

Action/Sci-FiThe action involves the attacks which becoming bigger as the film unfolds, with the sci-fi side include the new original looking alien creature, which might be heavily CGI, but does feel like a threat.

SettingsThe film is set in the desert, which take away the idea of communication to escape which is good, with isolation being the most important part of the film’s creations.

Special EffectsThe effects are a mixed bag, certain moments do look good, while other moments are clear CGI and disconnect from moments in the film.

Scene of the Movie –
The final battle.

That Moment That Annoyed Me The teenage characters a painful stereotypical.

Final ThoughtsThis is an entertaining late night movie experience, you can enjoy the good and bad this film has to offer to give us a good time without taking things too seriously.


Overall: Late night tv special.




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