ABC Film Challenge – Favourite Films – X – Aliens

ABC Film Challenge

Favourite Films



Why I’ve Picked this choice – Well I am back to clutching at straws with this pick, much like the Oscar Nomination picks, X is for Xenomorphs, we return to the franchise that gave us the franchise which gave us the best two start chapters before things went slightly wrong, when I say slightly, I mean the franchise crashed a burned.

Aliens is a much bigger movie than Alien, which sees the number of Xenomorphs grow into a colony size threat, with space marines needing to get into battle with the enemy that doesn’t want to stop. By having a genre change from just a pure horror, we do find ourselves in the action heavy sequel, which will work wonders for the film, because we couldn’t the same again. Ripley has become more kick ass, clashing with the military figures as she is the one that does know how the defeat the enemy, while the addition idea that she is left to deal with the loss of her daughter because of the length of time she has been away frozen in space, we see her get a chance to deal with this when saving Newt. This is one of the greatest sequels of all time, if it was to any other film in the sci-fi genre it would have been an improvement, only it is near impossible to improve on perfection.

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