ABC Film Challenge – Favourite Films – C – The Conjuring (2013)

ABC Film Challenge

Favourite Films


The Conjuring

Why I’ve Picked this choice – The Conjuring was the first instalment of the Warren movies, showing the story of the paranormal investigators that solves cases from all over the world, with the most famous being the Annabelle doll, we only get a fleeting visit to how the couple get the doll itself, with the story having focus elsewhere. The Warren’s are asked to help with a new case about a farmhouse with a new family moved in, that soon start getting haunting events. Where the haunting start tame and become more dangerous as the film unfolds. While the Warren’s are always dealing with the ideas of how the media report about them and their work. We do have some excellent scare moments, showing James Wan is easily one of the best horror directors in the business. The hand clapping the light out and the demon in the hand mirror are two of the great moments in the film.

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