Stuck (2019) Short Movie Review

Director: Steve Blackwood

Writer: Steve Blackwood (Screenplay) David Susman (Story)

Starring: Steve Blackwood, Sandy Bainum, Max Schochet

Plot: George and Helen Simon are a NY advertising couple who buy a sex machine to spice up their lives but it comes with a crazed delivery boy who gets stuck in it on the night of their dinner with George’s clients

Runtime: 14 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Fun Short

Story: Stuck starts when George (Blackwood) gets the sex machine for him and his wife Hellen (Bainum) only the delivery boy Finn (Schochet) to get over eager wanting to set the machine up, only to get stuck in it, just before a business dinner the couple are looking to host, what follows is the pair trying to figure out what to do before the guests arrive.

Thoughts on Stuck

Final Thoughts When it comes to comedy you need to grab the audience quickly when it comes to something in the short form, this situation the couple find themselves in, does feel like we are watching an idea from Frasier, where we have two people that are trying to cover up something that would become embarrassing towards them if their friends found out. The reaction does get the laughs and you could only ask yourself, what you would do if you were left in this situation, we could also see this grow into something bigger, becoming a full feature with even more comedy along the way.

Overall: Comedy Begging to Give You More.

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