Trauma Center (2019) Movie Review

Director: Matt Eskandari

Writer: Paul Da Silva (Screenplay)

Starring: Bruce Willis, Steve Guttenberg, Nicky Whelan, Lala Kent, Heather Johansen, Texas Battle, Tito Ortiz

Plot: Alone and trapped in a locked-down hospital, an injured young woman must escape a pair of vicious killers who are after the only piece of evidence that can implicate them in a grisly murder, the bullet in her leg.

Tagline – The enemy is closer than you think

Runtime: 1 Hour 27 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Late Night Action

Story: Trauma Center starts as waitress Madison (Whelan) gets caught in a crossfire between Tull (Battle) and Pierce (Ortiz) looking to clean up the loose ends. With Madison injured, with the bullet in her leg, the piece of evidence that could find the men guilty and Detective Wakes (Willis) waiting for the evidence to capture the people who killed his partner.

Tull and Pierce look to end the loose end, as Madison is left in an isolated part of the hospital in hopes of it being a safer location for her, which sees her needing to fight for her life against the killers.

Thoughts on Trauma Center

Characters – Detective Wakes is leading the investigation into the shooting which saw his partner killed, he offers to help with a phone call away, only he is spending most of the film moving around crime scenes. Madison is the waitress who has scared of hospitals after her mother’s death, she is raising her teenage sister, when she gets shot in crossfire, being the only witness and evidence into a group of dirty cops, she must fight to survive while she is being hunted down alone in the hospital unit. Tull and Pierce are the dirty cops that are trying to tie up loose ends, only finding themselves leaving bigger problems along the way, they can come off humorous at times, with how one thinks something is a good idea, while its not.

PerformancesBruce Willis is the main selling point for this movie, he doesn’t give us the level of performance we know he can in action, which only leaves us disappointed and turning to Nicky Whelan needing to do the most work here, working well with Texas Battle and Tito Ortiz.

StoryThe story here follows a waitress who gets shot and is the only proof of the shooters that killed a police officer and now they want to get the evidence back. This story is pretty simple, it is one person needing to battle to survive against two season criminal killers in an abandoned part of a hospital that has been put in locked down, while her protective officer is investigating the crime. It is a cat-n-mouse style, which works, though the story never manages to get intense enough, anything away from the hospital is largely forgettable and the twist you think will happen, never does. This story is easy to watch without getting to any level that makes it feel like it is true peril.

ActionThe action in the film is very simple, it is the cat-n-mouse style that works well enough for the film.

SettingsThe film is set in Puerta Rico, though you wouldn’t have known this with any of the characters we meet in the film.

Scene of the Movie – The defibrillator.

That Moment That Annoyed Me – The random investigation scenes.

Final Thoughts This is a simple to watch action film that never reaches the level of intensity it should.

Overall: By the Book Action.

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ABC Film Challenge – Oscar Nomination – T – The Thomas Crown Affair (1968) Movie Review

Director: Norman Jewison

Writer: Alan Trustman (Screenplay)

Starring: Steve McQueen, Faye Dunaway, Paul Burke, Jack Weston, Biff McGuire, Addison Powell, Astrid Heeren

Plot: A debonair, adventuresome bank executive believes he has pulled off the perfect multi-million dollar heist, only to match wits with a sexy insurance investigator who will do anything to get her man.

Tagline – McQueen, together with this “Bonnie and Clyde” Gal…and the slickest gang that ever robbed a bank! 

Runtime: 1 Hour 42 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Classic Heist

Story: The Thomas Crown Affair starts as Thomas Crown (McQueen) pulls off a daring robbery with his selected team which sees him team walk away with millions of dollars, which he will hand out slowly to cover up any unusual additions to bank accounts. The banks turn to insurance investigator Vicki Anderson (Dunaway) to search for answers and it isn’t long before her attention turns to Thomas himself.

Vicki will push the limits of the legal side of her job to get to the truth even if that means she clashes with her employer Eddy Malone (Burke) and the deeper she dives into the case, the more she learns about Thomas and his desires in the criminal world.

Thoughts on The Thomas Crown Affair

Characters – Thomas Crown in the businessman that always knows how to get the best deal, isn’t afraid to splash his cash and he also enjoys a good heist, with his latest one giving him even more money to spend, he knows how the build a team that will get the job done without needing to let them know who he is, only this time he might have met his match. Vicki Anderson is a sexy insurance investigator who is assigned to help get to the bottom of this latest robbery, she starts to investigate Thomas and learns more about him, but never enough to prove he was the mastermind behind the robbery. The two do clash on what they feel is right and will go to any lengths to try and stay ahead of each other. Eddy Malone is the man that hires Vicki to help get the money his company had to pay out to the bank for insurance, he wants things done clean.

PerformancesSteve McQueen does have all the swagger to make this rick criminal come to life effortlessly through the film, while Faye Dunaway brings her character to life, playing into her strengths to get the truth. The rest of the cast are great through the film, letting the leads take full control.

StoryThe story here follows a slick businessman that enjoys committing robberies on the side, he has been doing it for years and now he will meet his match trying to catch him. This is a new spin on the heist genre because instead of being just a criminal wanting to complete his latest job, this turns somebody who never needs to commit the robbery into a man that believes he can get it done. There are elements of the cat-n-mouse between the two which is entertaining to watch, while we do focus more on the aftermath of the crime, rather than the actual crime itself, which is also different because we spend too much time watching the preparation of a crime.

Crime/Romance The crime side of the film does show how one man believes he can get away with the perfect robbery and does fall in love with the woman that is sent to try and capture him.

SettingsThe film uses the settings to show the high rolling life Thomas has been living both before and after the robbery, making it hard to pinpoint him as the mastermind.

Scene of the Movie – The robbery.

That Moment That Annoyed Me – It does seem to easy for them to fall in love.

Final Thoughts This is a fun heist film that does take us into a new direction that we don’t normally see, with some wonderful leading performances.

Overall: Heist film with a twist.