Blitz Spirit (2019) Short Movie Review

Director: Sean Ramsden

Writer: Sean Ramsden (Screenplay)

Starring: Ellie Jeffreys, Marie Wilson, Amelia Donovan, Mitchell Sullivan, Sam Casse, Maximillian Davey

Plot: At the dawn of the Blitz, a tender young bar pianist struggles to justify his war efforts to his stubborn Mother.

Runtime: 19 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Nice Spotlight on War

Story: Blitz Spirit starts in 1940 England, World War II is underway and the people of London are struggling through their days, waiting for a potential air raid, Pianist MG (Davey) entertains the crowds in the bar, not going into battle, when an air raid strikes the city, joining his Mother (Wilson) and sister Myra (Donovan) they look at his position in the war.

Thoughts on Blitz Spirit

Final Thoughts This is a nice short that is shot like it would have been on the same film that news reports for the era would have been presented, it does show how not every person would have been for the conflict of war and the taboo that was left forced upon the young men, despite the love in a family only wants people to be safe. We do get strong performances, we get ideas of how much more to life they have from their characters and we get to see just how conflicted families could be. This could easily be an extended story, dealing with more emotional impact that MG must go through, which we only get early glimpses at through the short.

Overall: Beautifully Shot.

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