20 Favourite Horrors of 2019

2019 has been one of the best years for horror, I have found myself enjoying most of the horrors this year, this is just going to be the ones I enjoyed the most in no particular order. There will be a few films missing off this list, first The Lighthouse, which hasn’t been released in the UK yet and secondly, IT Chapter Two and Midsommar, two I didn’t really enjoy.

Us Us follows a family that start getting haunted by their doppelgangers who act in murderous ways, we see how the family is trying to survive against them in what is a horror with a killer twist, the best performance of the year from Lupita Nyong’o and an ending that will stop to make you think for hours, days or even weeks when it concludes.

Doctor Sleep Doctor Sleep is the sequel to The Shining, it has been years since we saw that one, we have waiting for Stephen King to write his own sequel book, while Mike Flanagan manages to balance the original film, with King’s sequel, giving us one of the best horror sequels made, it builds up a bigger world, has one of the most shocking deaths in horror, along with a breakout performance from Kyliegh Curran, with a scene stealing performance from Rebecca Ferguson.

Little Monsters Little Monsters might well be the lightest horror on the list and it brings us a zombie comedy with music, not a musical though, we follow a school teacher and chaperone who find themselves trapped in a petting zoo when zombies arrive, this is one of the few films that manages to not have annoying kids, and does have the important message about letting people know who you really are, yet another wonderful performance from Lupita Nyong’o.

Crawl Crawl is a creature feature follow a father, daughter that get trapped in their crawlspace by alligators while the flood waters rise around them. This film is filled with jumps, thrills and bloodshed, sure it might have a couple of poor decisions, but you can have a lot of fun with this one.

Eli Eli is a horror that follows a young boy with a auto-immune disorder that finds himself going through special treatment, only for things to spiral out of control, with a twist you simply wouldn’t see coming, this film does shine from the final third where everything is unleashed.

Ready or Not Ready or Not starts with what should be the perfect day for Grace, her wedding turns into an extreme game of hide and seek, which is life or death for her, to help follow a family curse. Samara Weaving shines in the leading role, which does balance the horror with the comedy too, however outside the box certain moments in the film are.

Rabid When the Soska Sisters got their hands on the remake of the David Cronenberg cult classic, we knew we were in good hands, we follow a young lady that gets infected by a cure to her facial injury, only to learn that she does have anew blood lust, one that leads to deadly consequences.

Escape Room Escape Room was the third movie of the same title I had seen within 12 months, thankfully this one was enjoyable, bringing us a deadly game that does feel like it is a soft version of Saw at times, but does build a world that is much bigger, one I can’t wait to see the next chapter of.

Brightburn Brightburn is the anti-superhero origin story, this shows us how an alien being can become the biggest threat to humanity, the opposite to a superman. This is one that slowly builds up, it has some brutal kills, that could easily happen with somebody with superpowers and now we have one that could be some fresh in the world of superhero movies.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Being a huge fan of Andre Ovredal, this was going to be a film I would be supporting all day long, when it came to this one we are get a string of scary stories happening to the victims, which all introduce a new figure that is more terrifying than the last one, kept for a younger teenage audience, it still is filled with fear.

Mentally Apart Mentally Apart is one of the most recent horrors I have seen, one that should be available to everybody in 2020, it follows a relationship, through some good and bad times, it does have a sense of unease throughout the film, one that will keep us wondering just what is happening and one that doesn’t waste a scene, when it comes to the truth.

Blood Craft Blood Craft follows two sisters that were abused by their father and decide to use witchcraft to bring him back to life, only to punish him for what he did to them. This film does tackle domestic abuse well and show us just how much damage it can do if it isn’t treated on a smarter level.

Room for Rent When you see the name Lin Shaye attached to any horror thriller, you know you are in for a treat, this is no different as she plays a lonely widow who rents out a room where she starts to become obsessed with her latest guest, one that will see her become more deadly.

The Dark Within The Dark Within is a horror that follows a man who has been struggle to control his psychic abilities, which sees him trying to learn about his past, which only unleashes more demons into his mind, with some great scares, complex storytelling, this is one you didn’t want to miss this year.

The Village in the Woods The Village in the Woods does follow a couple that are moving into the village, only for them to learn just how creepy this village is, with what the people want from the new residents. This is a horror I did enjoy and it also has a personal landmark for me, one of the quotes for my review was used on the cover, for the review on Ready Steady Cut.

The Tokoloshe The Tokoloshe follows a young woman in a Johannesburg hospital that ends up getting haunted by a ghostly figure that will follow its victims wherever they will go, waiting for its chance to strike. This is one horror that brings a ghostly figure from another culture to the limelight, which is always great to see.

Annabelle Comes Home Annabelle Comes Home takes us to the Warren house, filled with artefacts which have different haunting effects about them, this opens up the Pandora’s box of horror figures, which does give us hope this franchise could go on for years to come, with some unique original creations, even if certain parts of the horror are by the book jumps.

The VelociPastor Where do we start with this movie, we have a priest that gets infected with something that gives him the ability to turn into a dinosaur and uses it to fight crime and ninjas. Yeah, this movie is sooooo bonkers it just works and is one you could laugh along with the blood splatter too.

Echoes of Fear Echoes in Fear follows a young woman that inherits her grandfather’s house, only to find herself being haunted by ghostly figures, which makes her look into the clues, where she learns the shocking truth about her grandfather. This is a nice ghost investigation film, which is my personal favourite sub-genre in horror.

Child’s Play Child’s Play was a film that I was against seeing, knowing it was a remake going in, I didn’t expect much from the film, this film manages to be completely different, well it has a killer doll, but it is technology over a serial killer, which brings a unique modern twist to how everything unfolds. It breaks the mould of a pointless remake, by being original and bringing a modern twist to the story.

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