Recap & Review – The Crown Season 3 – Episode 9 Imbroglio

Recap & Review – The Crown Season 3 – Episode 9 Imbroglio

This episode starts with the funeral of Edward the Eighth back in England, as Prince Charles sees his closest Uncle put to rest and starts to see his family looking at him the same way they once looked at his Uncle and his relationship with Camilla isn’t going to make his life any easier.

Queen Elizabeth is working with the Prime Minister Edward Heath to help deal with the miners strike who want the equal pay for their work, one that she sees as one that could end easily, while Edward just wants to stay in control of the situation.

Charles’ relationship becomes the centre conversation between his parents with his mother wanting him to be happy, while Philip doesn’t believe Camilla is the type of woman that you can just marry seeing her as a girl you turn to after time at sea. Lord Mountbatten plays to send Charles on a long-term posting in the Navy, one where he can’t spend any time with Camilla, finally putting a wedge between the lovers.

The Queen however is seeing the Prime Minister losing his battle against the miners, which sees the loss of electricity around the country forcing even the Queen to greet guest in candlelight, as she is also involved in trying to break up the Charles and Anne relationship, planning to push both families away from her own children.

This episode does get to reflect how the Queen herself was almost pushed into marrying somebody other people wanted instead of letting her follow her own heart, she might not make the big decision, but she is left to deal with Charles after the family got involved in his life. This part of the episode is sad to see making you only feel sorry for Charles, while the mining strike side of the episode just doesn’t get enough attention for what is happening in the country.

Rating 7/10

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