Recap & Review – The Crown Season 3 – Episode 7 Moondust

Recap & Review – The Crown Season 3 – Episode 7 Moondust

In the episode we moon landing is about to happen which has captured the attention of Prince Philip like most of the world, he has started to become bored with his everyday routine, wishing he could have done more outside of his royal responsibilities leading him to have a mid-life crisis.

With the landing on the moon changing what man could achieve, Philip goes in search for his new challenges including trying to get to the stars himself, risking his own life to try and push the boundaries of what a plane could handle. While a priest wants to open a building that is previous unoccupied on the grounds to help other people reaching middle aged and losing enthusiasm for life.

When a chance to meet the astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins presents itself, Prince Philip sees it as a chance to meet three men he would have inspired to be, asking for time alone to talk shop with them.

This episode is a Philip heavy one which ones against highlights how Prince Philip gave up a lot of his ambition to be part of the royal family, Tobias Menzies steals this episode with his acting and shows us just how content his life has become living this life of opening brick factories over having his own adventures. This episode is big on focus on a major event in history and how the Royal Family was watching over them from a far, without being a big part of it.

Rating 8/10

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