Recap & Review – The Crown Season 3 – Episode 6 Tywysog Cymru

Recap & Review – The Crown Season 3 – Episode 6 Tywysog Cymru

In this episode the government puts forward the idea of sending Prince Charles (Josh O’Connor) to a Welsh school for a term in Aberystwyth, to learn Welsh so he could fulfil his duties of the Prince of Wales in the future, being able to address the people in their own native language.

Prince Charles finds himself learning from a Welsh Nationalist one of many who don’t see the point of his future role, while not being against Charles himself, but being against the Crown’s vision of Wales.

As Prince Charles spends his time in the school he shows the position he is facing with no experience or no knowledge of Wales, while the teacher learns that he is just a young man that is being thrown into this position. After Charles learns more about what the problems are between the Welsh and the Royals, he starts to adapt his speech to make a difference to show he will be there to support and represent the people correctly.

This is the first Prince Charles episode of the series, we barely get a look at the rest of the characters, with Josh O’Connor doing an excellent job as the royal, this does show that the royal family can learn to adapt and that they will do anything to learn about a culture they believe they have distant from. It might not be as slow as the previous episodes, but it shows the import royal duties the family has.

Rating 7/10

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