Recap & Review – The Crown Season 3 – Episode 4 Bubbikins

Recap & Review – The Crown Season 3 – Episode 4 Bubbikins

In this episode we start in Athens in 1967 with the closure of an Order, Prince Philip is touring America being interviewed on the finically side of the royal family running, while an ambitious Scotish reporter is planning an article which states the problem with royal family, which the Labour Party wants to jump on.

Harold Wilson must confront the Queen about the alarming misworded quote about the pay rise the royal family has never asked for, while already living a life of luxury compared to the rest of the country, which sees Philip wanting to increase the funds available to the royal family.

Prince Philip’s plan is to invite the BBC to shot a documentary following the Royal Family around to show the hard work they are doing behind the doors of Buckingham Palace, while Princess Alice of Greece (Jane Lapotaire) is the in the middle of the coup happening in Greece, she gets an open invitation to stay with the Royal Family.

While the documentary gets to show the behind the doors look at the Royal Family, it becomes one of the most watched shows on television and the same journalist John Armstrong rips the show to shreds continuing his branding of the royal family a waste of taxpayer’s money.

This is one slow episode, it is focused on the divide between the people and the royal family and how they will do something outside the normal in a documentary, which doesn’t help their case, with only Harold Wilson being honest enough to the Queen. The performances are again flawless without dropping in any case, it just isn’t the most interesting chapter of the royal life.

Rating 6/10

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