ABC Film Challenge – Thriller – Q – The Shanghai Job (2017)

This movie has been selected for Q because of one of the stars of the movie Hannah Quinlivan.

Director: Charles Martin

Writer: Kevin Bernhardt (Screenplay) Terence M O’Keefe, Robby Hensen (Story)

Starring: Orlando Bloom, Lei Wu, Simon Yam, Hannah Quinlivan, Lynn Hung, Jing Liang


Plot: A washed-up private security agent has to escort a valuable Chinese antique out of Shanghai but is ambushed en route.

Tagline – Get in. Get out. Get even.

Runtime: 1 Hour 35 Minutes


There may be spoilers in the rest of the review


Verdict: Simple Action


Story: The Shanghai Job starts as we meet Danny Stratton (Bloom) a private security agent that escorts valuable property, he always had a wonderful reputation until one job went wrong. One-year-later still rebuilding his reputation, Danny with his team Ding Dong (Wu), Mach (Yam) and J.Jae (Quinlivan) are given a new opportunity to transfer a Chinese antique.

When this latest job goes wrong again when the say gang tries to steal the antique, Danny uses this as a chance to redeem himself and his crew to get his crew’s reputation back to the top.


Thoughts on The Shanghai Job


Characters – Danny Stratton runs an elite private security crew, he reputation and life is shattered when a job goes wrong, one-year later he must use his skills to prove himself again, he runs the team perfectly knowing how to use each members strength, though it will be his own weaknesses of self-doubt which could bring the job down. Ding Dong is the tech expert on the team, he will always be able to find an escape route for the crew whether they are in trouble. Mach Ren is the second in command, the oldest friend to Danny who sometimes goes too far with his action to make sure they get what they want. J.Jae is the youngest member and one that is happy to fight and be on the front line when it comes to the missions.

PerformancesOrlando Bloom is an actor which has happily gone out of his way to do films outside the Hollywood normal, he should be respected for going into a movie like this which has a target audience away from his Pirates one, he is solid in the lead role getting to show a gritty side to his acting. The rest of the cast are good in this film each getting their moment to have the highlighted part of the film.

StoryThe story here is simple to follow as we are watching one man go out of his way to rebuild his reputation after it is shattered with a robbery. We follow the traditional paths of the team will stick by his side no matter what his reputation in the world is, they know he is honest which is all they want from him. We don’t get truly challenged with the story and it is a check list of going from point A to B with point C only leading us astray. It does feel like an introduction to a television show following Danny has his exploits around the world transporting art, which is easily could be too.

Action/Crime/Mystery/RomanceThe action here is by the book, we get foot chases, car chase and sneaking around before fights, it is all easy to watch without being anything we haven’t seen before. The crime side of the film puts us in the world where Danny is protecting materials from, which works for the film as we see how both sides can operate either side of the law. There is a mystery to who is behind the first robbery as well as a romance angle with Danny needing to learn where he stands in his relationship after his year away from his best.

SettingsThe film is set in Shanghai, hence the title, this works for the film which gives a a felling of Danny being the outsider at times too.

Scene of the Movie –
Breaking in.

That Moment That Annoyed Me It is too formulaic

Final ThoughtsThis is a simple action crime film, one in the style we have seen before and one we will see again, it shows Bloom taking risks with his career choices and it is enough to show that it is working.


Overall: Action crime film 101.




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