How to Be the Ultimate Movie Fan

Being a movie fanatic is no easy task. It takes years of watching films before you can come close to calling yourself that. Moreover, a real movie fan doesn’t even have to tell people how much they love films. It all shows in their attitude and the way they go about living their lives.


So, what is it that transforms an average moviegoer into the ultimate film lover? There are a few obvious reasons, but one of the primary ones is to have an open mind towards the art of film making. There is a multifaceted purpose behind movies, and the best part about it is that they can appeal to several people at one time, and resonate with a select few at other moments.. By taking each movie individually and analysing the thought process behind it, you can grow to appreciate films a lot more, and it is only then that you can enter the inner circle of true movie buffs.

Watch Everything

Keeping in tune with the idea of being open to different films, the first thing you need to do is watch everything, that is age appropriate obviously. It is perfectly fine to have preferences and love or hate a film, but unless you indulge in different genres, from across the world, you will never realise how impactful films can be, not just as a medium of entertainment, but also as artistic and educational pieces that often end up saying a lot more than you’d expect.

Have an Opinion

Having an opinion about films is the most basic requirement of a film lover. It doesn’t always have to be a serious or detailed analysis of the actors and the plot, but knowing about the trends, the different viewpoints that people hold, and having a proper, educated conversation about films should be part of your repertoire. So, whether it is something about the growing craze over film remakes, the everlasting debate on violence in movies, or your thoughts on Adam Sandler comedies, talk freely and be confident about what you feel and think. Millions of people see films, but they are also a very private affair, and every person takes them differently.

Movies Aren’t Just for Watching

Being a bona fide movie fan means you are not just watching them, but also living a lifestyle that in some way revolves around films. It can be anything from playing movie-themed online casino slots to wearing tees that represent your favourite film; the options are endless. Then there is also the question of collecting memorabilia, which can be expensive at times, but there are enough products in the market nowadays that allow you to express your love towards films without making a dent on your pocket.

Know Your Quotes

There are two ways movie quotes work in your favour. The more obvious one is that when you include famous quotes into your everyday talk, in a subtle manner, the other person is more than likely to assume that you enjoy films. On the other hand, it also works as a gauge to judge if the person you are talking to is into cinema. If they clearly are not able to understand the context of the most popular movie quotes, you know that you have a mere mortal on your hands, one that will never see the joy and magic that films bring to life, and it might be best to keep a safe distance away from them.

Author bio – Maria Taylor is content marketing expert & has contributed on several blogs online. She loves to write for blogs & feel free to connect with here on Twitter & Linkedin.

4 comments on “How to Be the Ultimate Movie Fan

  1. Good point about watching everything. Even if there are genres you don’t like and try to ignore, attempting to watch some periodically can give you a better understanding of film as a whole. I am not a big fan of horror movies but because I ventured out of my comfort zone, I found some horror sub-genres that I do enjoy watching! You just have to be willing to make that first step.

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