Beyond the Line (2019)

Director: Jason Mills

Writer: Jason Mills (Screenplay)

Starring: Chris Walters, Jackson Berlin, Darren Andrichuk, Stephen Kloppenburg, Robert Allen Hughes


Plot: It’s the close of World War II. Unwilling to surrender, rogue German forces shoot down a returning British squadron leaving Sydney Baker wounded and lost with the enemy closing in. He’s saved by American soldier and the duo must face their fears, both internal and external, to defeat the enemy and make it back to friendly territory alive.

Tagline – Never Give Up

Runtime: 1 Hour 18 Minutes


There may be spoilers in the rest of the review


Verdict: Survivors Story


Story: Beyond the Line starts with the German’s surrendering in World War II, only certain forces of the German’s aren’t going down without a fight, as they shoot down a British squadron with the lone survivor Sydney Baker (Walters) finding himself trapped behind enemy lines, rescued by American William Summers (Berlin) the two team up to try and get to safety against the large number of German soldiers still in the woods.

As the number of German bodies piles up, the more German soldiers go in search for the enemy taking out their own, with the two-man army needing to face impossible odds to survive.


Thoughts on Beyond the Line


Characters – Sydney Baker is a nervous soldier that is on his final mission, he is involved in a plane crash after being shot down, being the lone survivor, needing to find his way through enemy lines woodland area. He must learn to be a soldier that will fight if he has any chance to survive with the help of William Summers. William Summers is an American soldier that is out for revenge against the Germans that took out his whole unit, he will kill anybody that gets his way and even pushes Sydney to become stronger in the field.

PerformancesWe only have two actors who get any real screen time, Chris Walters is our British solider that shows us how many soldiers weren’t ready to be in war, while Jackson Berlin does show how prepared a soldier would be to fight for the right thing. Both actors don’t put a foot wrong through the film which is nice to see, even if they don’t get challenged as much as they could be.

StoryThe story here follows to soldiers that are trapped behind enemy lines, where they must fight to survive against the Germans looking to hunt down any remaining soldiers left in their land. This is a very simple story when it comes to a war story, we get the basics of surviving done without feeling like we are facing threat that you feel will put them in danger, even though they are in extreme danger. The story is told in the form of a flashback which does give us heavy vibes about how Saving Private Ryan did everything, even if it goes in its own direction. It does show us how two different people will need to work together to make it through the tough situation they find themselves in too.

WarWhen it comes to the war genre, one of the major factors we see a lot, is just how difficult the situation the soldiers found themselves in and how many odds they needed to overcome as well as how not everybody was in the right condition to be fighting in the first place, this give us all of that.

SettingsThe film is set within woodland area, this shows us the struggles the soldiers are facing, while giving them enough cover to make it out of the situation, if they play it correctly.

Scene of the Movie –
The barn.

That Moment That Annoyed Me The lack of feeling of peril.

Final ThoughtsThis is a strong look at how the war did make things difficult for the soldiers fighting, how they must overcome the odds if they want to survive.


Overall: A strong war survival story.





  1. How are you paid, or are you related? This is total trash made by writers who can’t write, have no clue of what combat is like, and the direction if even worse — actors as human props who clearly have never held a firearm. We laughed our way through. For those who have been in combat, it’s really quite the clown show.

  2. Absolute rubbish film… please do not waste your time watching… very slow and very annoying. People watching would say that ‘British soldier are scared and do not follow through with their requests – find the family of the person who kept you alive!

  3. This film was OK, but not great. The biggest disappointment for me was the ending. I cannot believe he didn’t put in the utmost effort to locate the man’s family. How hard could that have been!

  4. B25 bombers carrying troops attacked by slow Ju87 Stukas😂 . Obviously someone doesn’t know Jack about World war two. C47s would be used. A b25 could take out the slow Stuka with ease!

  5. British airborne troops are volunteers, the toughest and bravest, not like the silly depiction of a coward. A U.S. Army soldier wearing a Russian helmet. Who comes up with this junk.

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