Smashbomb – Social Media

I have recently joined Smashbomb social media, which can be found here. This social media is designed for entertainment and of course my main focus will be the movies.

I created a new profile, which has once again seen Movie Reviews 101 spread to another social media site, you can see my profile here.

I am only on the early first steps into this new social media and just like anything new it will take time for me to learn everything about it, remember I am still trying to understand the hashtags on Twitter. From what I can see we get movies that we can add our own reviews to, which will be what will be happening from me.

What is Smashbomb?

This is going to be the question to many of you,

1.     we get to operate in a follow and following process, much like twitter, this is the easiest part to pick up.

2.    We are operating with the main focus on, Apps, Books, Movies, Music, Podcasts, Tabletop Games, Tech, TV, Video Games and Videos, one thing you will notice missing from this is sport, which can see the very toxic fans, just head to Twitter during a football match to see the reactions people put out there.

3.    Focusing on the movie side of everything, each movie does get its own profile, I am using Brightburn for most of this description as it was my most recent cinema trip. On the movie side of the pages, we get the information, photos, trailer and chance to rate the film itself or even add a review (this is where I will be working most).

4.    Each film has a rating out of ten (there are no halves) each rating will contain different symbol of how well it is rated by the users, see the picture on the left to understand a little bit more.

5.    Each film does have the option to ask questions about the film, which should help people with unanswered questions about what they have just seen.

6.    Outside of the movies side of things, we do get chances for Giveaways that you can enter using Kudos points, which are earnt by doing different tasks, these Kudos points will also give yourself more attention on the site, with your reviews reaching the higher levels for people to read first.

7.    Kudos points are a unique way to gain a following who like your work, everything you get a like it is a Kudos point which will see you become more of a trusted member of the community (think like EBAY).

There are of course a couple of sides that I am still learning, knowing me it will be one click away otherwise they are things I would like to see added.

1.    Indie movies, they don’t seem to have pages, they can be created and it will need time to line up the details for somebody else’s work, you don’t want to set it up wrong and upset the people behind the movie in my case.

2.    I am struggling to find a way to see if my Twitter followers are using the site, it would be nice to be able to see or have an easy link so I can follow them and vise-verse. This is just because I am starting off though, it is always hard to figure out who or who not to follow on social media.

My early steps on this site have been positive, I am looking forward to keep moving forward with additional reviews and believe we could have a community that does support friendly conversations and opinions about movies.


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