ABC Film Challenge – World Cinema – G – Getaway Plan (2016)

Director: Inaki Dorronsoro

Writer: Inaki Dorronsoro (Screenplay)

Starring: Alain Hernandez, Javier Gutierrez, Alba Galocha, Itziar Atienza, Luis Tosar, Florin Opritescu


Plot: A thief expert with blowtorch is hired by a group of the Russian mob for a bank assault.


Runtime: 1 Hour 45 Minutes


There may be spoilers in the rest of the review


Verdict: Simple Heist Film


Story: Getaway Plan starts when the Russian mob need to find a new expert thief, they turn to Victor (Hernandez) who is famous for using a blowtorch to get into rooms, he has never been caught, making him their only choice.

With the cops trying to eliminate this threat who soon learns the Victor is part of the force, who has gone deep undercover as the two must start to work together to bring down the criminal operation, while Victor’s relationship with his wife Marta (Atienza) is pushed to the limit, Victor turns to the only person he can trust Rapido (Gutierrez) to get the job done.


Thoughts on Getaway Plan


Characters – Victor is a mastermind thief, he has his own style for getting the job done which sees him blowtorching his way out of buildings or safes, he is in fact an undercover police office balance the fine line between the law, which will see him needing to face difficult decisions in life along the way during his latest job. Rapido is the best friend and only man that Victor can trust, he does have his own addiction problems, but he will be the only person that doesn’t give away Victor’s secrets. Helena is a prostitute that has taken a shine to Victor, he is left torn between his wife and her, when she is willing to turn back to her life of tricks. Marta is the wife and mother of Victor’s baby, she is getting tired of his life undercover, which sees her putting him to the limits of what she will put up with.

PerformancesWhen it comes to the performances, Alain Hernandez does a great job showing his character trying to balance the two lives he is currently living, as for the rest of the cast nobody does anything wrong, though nobody makes any real impact on the film.

StoryThe story here follows an undercover police officer that is known for his masterful skills when it comes to robbing banks, he is hired to complete a job for the Russian  mob, which will see him need to balance his two lives which becomes very difficult for the man. When it comes to the heist like films we know they can run smoothly, which in this case the heist side is fine, nothing fancy, the problems with this story comes from, not really having a true villain crime boss, you feel if he was being forced into a job the boss would push him to the limits. The idea that Victor is trying to balance the two lives does become the central story because he can’t talk about his wife in one and seeing her getting frustrated that he isn’t around for their child becomes more understandable. In the end the story is extremely watchable and can be enjoyed in places, though it does fall into the old, we have seen this before line of work.

CrimeThe crime side of the film does bring us a unique way of escaping the robberies, with the blowtorch element being a real factor in the story, the idea this man must live on both sides of the law does play a major factor in the story too.

SettingsThe film uses the typical settings you would imagine, we have the underworld locations, the police headquarters and his home life, each one has different meaning to Victor.

Scene of the Movie –
Blowtorch escape.

That Moment That Annoyed Me No real villain of the piece.

Final ThoughtsThis is a simple by the book crime drama, it doesn’t do anything truly wrong and can be enjoyed by the fans of the genre.


Overall: Simple and effective.





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