Method of Murder (2019)

Director: Elliot Manarin


Plot: British author Jacky Rom jets off to LA and Las Vegas on a fact-finding mission to investigate murder weapons, deception, and body disposal methods in order to help inspire her latest crime novel.


Runtime: 1 Hour


There may be spoilers in the rest of the review


Verdict: Interesting Look at Building a Character


Story: Method of Murder starts as British author Jacky Rom heads to America to investigate different types of murder, Jackie gets to meet experts in different fields from tattooist, historians and weapons experts in bows and guns, each expert offers information required to find her new killers specialist weapon of choice.

The learning curve Jacky goes through sees how she sees the positive and negative from each potential weapon as she gets to experience the power of different weapons for the first time.


Thoughts on Method of Murder


Final ThoughtsThis documentary gets to dive into the creative methods behind an authors attempt to create a new original style for their killer in a book, let’s be honest, this can make or break a novel because when somebody can find something new, we will be surprised and enjoy this. The best way to find a new way to create a kill would be to learn from the experts in the fields that could give away secrets to how to get away with a crime, this is something we see the detective side of the novel do, meet the specialist to learn secrets, so why not go in reverse. Each field we do enter does show how the people know the pros and cons of weapons which does give the answers Jacky requires. There is part of this documentary that does feel like a sightseeing holiday though, which is fine because seeing somebody being able to mix work with pleasure is always entertaining, see ‘Stephen Fry’s Every State Series’ he got to visit different locations and work with people in different states. This documentary is extremely watchable and does show how people could have twisted ideas going through their head too.


Overall: Documentary that teaches the author how to get away with murder.




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