10,000 Days (2014)

Director: Eric Small

Writer: Eric Small (Screenplay)

Starring: John Schneider, Peter Wingfield, James Harvey Ward, Kim Myers, Lisa Pelikan, Kenneth Meseroll, Riley Smith


Plot: Ten thousand days ago, Comet 23 struck Earth with the magnitude of all the nuclear weapons in the world sending the planet into a deep freeze. Now, 27 years in the future, those who survived are locked in an epic battle of life or death.


Runtime: 1 Hour 31 Minutes


There may be spoilers in the rest of the review


Verdict: Typical Sci-Fi Bore Fest


Story: 10,000 Days starts as we enter the world 27-years after a comet struck Earth putting the survivors into a permanent ice age, we follow two groups of survivors, once together now at war, William Beck (Schneider) on one side, Remy Farnwell (Wingfield) on the other.

As the Beck’s discover moments of truth about the disaster and a potential cure, Remy is playing his attack to take their base, the race against time for human survival is on.


Thoughts on 10,000 Days


Characters – William Beck runs one of the clans in the frozen land, he has kept his people safe, always searching for the next way to survive, hopefully peacefully even against his enemy, he knew the world before the disaster and now he wants to return to it. Remy Farnwell leads the rival clan, living on the ice he fell out with the Beck’s wanting revenge for the betrayal as he sees it. He doesn’t mind killing people in the battle which he has made too personal. We do have a lot of characters in this film, William has three sons that all look exactly the same, we have the scientist figures which seems to be three different female characters, a pilot who failed to stop the comet who still lives with the nightmare. We get so many characters it truly is hard to keep up or invest in any of them.

PerformancesThe performances, well this is difficult because nearly all the actors and characters look the same, it is difficult to figure out who the lead is, nobody has any sort of emotional factor or strong moments to stand out.

StoryThe story is the end of the world happened, we are now in an ice age which could be coming to an end, but two war driven clans want control of the best location. This sounds interesting enough, you would be wrong, we have moments of discovery, moments of war, though this just never knows which one is the most important. Sadly, this only ends feeling boring, we don’t get invested in the characters and for some reason the film kind of just ends with a massive cliff hanger.

Sci-FiThe world has ended and now an ice-age has hit, well that is the sci-fi side of the film.

SettingsThe film give us generic location which include ice area or cold looking warehouse.

Special EffectsThe effects here are just terrible and look completely fake.

Scene of the Movie –
The concept should work.

That Moment That Annoyed Me The Effects.

Final ThoughtsThis is a poor sci-fi movie that just doesn’t become interesting at any point in the film.


Overall: Boring throughout.




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