Adventures of Aladdin (2019)

Director: Glenn Campbell

Writer: Glenn Campbell, Tammy Klein (Screenplay)

Starring: Adam Hollick, Lucia Xypteras, Daniel O’Reilly, Monroe Robertson, Naya Abou Mousa, Lord Kraven


Plot: With the help of a magical lamp, an impoverished young man transforms himself into a prince in order to win the heart of a beautiful princess.



There may be spoilers in the rest of the review


Verdict: Low Budget TV Fun


Story: Adventures of Aladdin starts when the sultan passes away leaving his daughter Shahzadi (Xypteras) to rule Bagdad, with Vizier Maghreb (O’Reilly) not being impressed with his decision. Shahzadi wants to see her people with an acrobat Aladdin (Hollick) catching her eye.

Vizier decides to use Aladdin’s skills to get a mysterious magical lamp, only to show his true colours leaving Aladdin buried in the cave, with the lamp. When Aladdin rubs the lamp a Genie (Williams) appears to grant him his desires, turning Aladdin into a prince to win Shahzadi heart.


Thoughts on Adventure of Aladdin


Characters – Aladdin is a street acrobat, performing for any spare money or food with his friends until he captures the eye of the new Sultana Shahzadi. He gets tricked into finding a lamp which sees him need to use his skills to escape the traps. Once he has the lamp he ends up using the Genie to get what his friends always wanted. Vizier Maghreb has been waiting for his time to be Sultan, he is angry is doesn’t get the chance and now he will find his own way to become Sultan. Shahzadi has been made Sultana after her father’s death, she doesn’t want to follow the tradition wanting to give the people more freedom. The Genie comes to grant wishes, he is filled with riddles and doesn’t give a limit to the number of wishes granted.

PerformancesAdam Hollick is Aladdin, he does give the charm required and like the rest of the cast they are all solid through this film. Lucia Xypteras is strong in the Jasmine role (we can’t use that name for legal reason), while Daniel O’Reilly as the villainous figure brings the evil needed. Tionne Williams is the one we want to see more from his character, because he seems like he is the most interesting character in the film.

StoryThe story here does follow everything storyline wise from the original Aladdin, it holds back on the comedy to narrow down the idea that good and evil are trying to win the heart of the Sultana with the help of a genie that will grant wishes. This might not be the most original story, but it keeps everything simple enough for the audience, it doesn’t dive into the comedy like the animated version. We get the morale messages about letting the world unfold the way it should instead of wishing it away, we also get into a darker side of the story which is a surprise with deaths in the film.

AdventureThe adventure side of the film shows how Aladdin goes from street performer to a position where he needs to stop an evil ruler.

SettingsThe film is set in what is meant to be the outskirts of Bagdad, it shows the different class system that we are seeing.

Scene of the Movie –
Getting the lamp.

That Moment That Annoyed Me It feels too safe.

Final ThoughtsThis is a simple and safe version of Aladdin, it takes out the comedy to show how average the story behind the original really is, the genie is again the most interesting character and we would have liked to have seen more of him.


Overall: Safe and Simple.




ABC Film Challenge – Biopic – F – Frankie & Alice (2010)

Director: Geoffrey Sax

Writer: Cheryl Edwards, Marko King, Mary King, Jonathan Watters, Joe Shrapnel, Anna Waterhouse (Screenplay) Oscar Janiger, Philip Goldberg, Cheryl Edwards (Story)

Starring: Halle Berry, Stellan Skarsgard, Phylicia Rashad, Chandra Wilson, Alex Diakun, Joanne Baron


Plot: A drama centered on a go-go dancer with multiple personality disorder who struggles to remain her true self and begins working with a psychotherapist to uncover the mystery of the inner ghosts that haunt her.

Tagline – Inspired by an amazing true story.

Runtime: 1 Hour 41 Minutes


There may be spoilers in the rest of the review


Verdict: Strong Drama, Lacking Casual Appeal


Story: Frankie & Alice starts as we meet go-go dancer Frankie (Berry) the most popular girl in the club who starts having strange episodes in her life, moments when she starts to believe she is a white woman. Oz (Skarsgard) a psychologist takes Frankie in and starts to try and figure out what is going on inside Frankie’s head.

Losing her job and finding herself in trouble with the law, Frankie must turn to Oz to help her by checking her in for 30-days to start with and soon they start to get to the bottom of everything.


Thoughts on Frankie & Alice


Characters – Frankie is a stripper that is the most popular girl in the club, she can have any guy she wants and usually gets them. One day she starts getting black outs where we see she becomes a different person, which only leaves who losing her job and running out of money. Seeking help, she learns she has multiple personality disorder and now she needs help to understand how to get this under control. Oz is the psychologist that is sees the problems in Frankie’s head and works against the trends to help her even if the rest of the doctors don’t believe things are real.

PerformancesHalle Berry is great in this leading role, she takes on the 3 personalities and makes each one feel unique for the difference in their characteristics. Stellan Skarsgard in a doctor role, he is always going to be one of the great doctor figures on the big screen. When we look at the rest of the cast we don’t get too many performers that standout in anyway.

StoryThe story here follows one woman that starts to lose her mind when the multiple personalities in her head start taking over, one doctor will try to help her unlock the past she has locked up to create these personalities. This is based on a real woman and doctor that worked together and it shows us just how committed doctors can be to solve a problem which others will dismiss, we get to see how misdiagnosis can cause bigger problems in life, but once you learn the truth you can put everything together to live a happy life. We knew this going in, this was never going to have an unhappy ending, but we should face the reality that certain people would have not made it through this. This story does show an important sign to help deal with mental health which could see people struggle through different times in life and tells us all we shouldn’t be afraid to get help.

BiopicThis shows us two real people, Frankie is an incredible and tragic story which has been hidden behind the personalities created in her mind and the doctor that would do anything to help her control them.

SettingsSet in the late 60’s we get an authentic feel for every scene of the movie, the divides in the neighbourhoods and the class difference between the rich and poor.

Scene of the Movie –
The truth.

That Moment That Annoyed Me This isn’t going to be for a causal movie fan.

Final ThoughtsThis is an important look at deal with mental health in the 60s how certain doctors would push it aside while others tackled it head on, the story of Frankie shows us how we could understand a person going through such horrors could create these personalities.


Overall: Important and brave message.