The Tattooist (2018) Short Movie Review

Director: Michael Wong

Writer: Michael Wong (Screenplay)

Starring: Yanhu Wang, Li Lu, Myra Mala, Chase Lictenberg, Simon Shiyamba, Mayela Magrou, Dan Litza


Plot: Behind the acclaimed work of a renowned tattoo studio lurks an unimaginable evil.

Tagline – Behind his Obsession is a Sinister Secret.

Runtime: 1 Minute 20 Seconds


There may be spoilers in the rest of the review


Verdict: Darkly Teasing


Story: The Tattooist starts as we enter the tattoo parlour to see the latest work that the Tattooist (Wang) is working on, before we flash into his dark mind to see what he does to his victims in a world of unimaginable evil.


Thoughts on The Tattooist


StoryThe story shows us who the Tattooist is and how he lives two different lives, one as the tattooist, the other filling in the dark side of his mind, we do get to see how many victims he has had, the hints of the different tortures he has put them through too. Considering the length of this short film, we do learn and get encouraged to want to see more from this character.

HorrorWe get the hints of the horrors the Tattooist gets up too, his actions and what his victims have been through.

SettingsThe film uses two main locations, we one being the tattoo parlour, the other being the dungeon of hell.

Special EffectsThe effects are used to show the horrors the victims have been through, with most coming from the aftermath.

Scene of the Movie –
The dungeon entry.

That Moment That Annoyed Me I want to see more.

Final ThoughtsThis is already better than the feature film with the same name, we will be left in a nightmare situation of not wanting to watch and not seeing enough.


Overall: Inked onto the mind, Darkly teasing to the audience.





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