ABC Film Challenge – Favourite Films of 2018 – L – Love Simon

ABC Film Challenge

Favourite Films of 2018


Love Simon

Why I’ve Picked this choiceLove Simon is easily taking the number one spot for me this year, it follows a high school student named Simon (Nick Robinson) who has the most simple life, with a loving family, loving friend, in reality he is like every other student, only in his mind, he doesn’t know how to tell everyone in his life that he is gay. He is in his final year of school and wants to wait for college to come out, only to learn the school has another closest homosexual. The two communicate anonymously through email, until one of the guys in the school blackmails Simon into helping him get close to one of his friends. This releases the secret to the school and Simon has never felt so alone after his friends learn how secretive Simon had been, his family wants to support him, with his father feeling guilty for his jokes and remains proud of his son no matter what and his therapist mother knew something was up. Simon must learn to accept people knowing his secret as he learns that it isn’t the most important thing in life and should never put anyone under pressure

The reason I feel I enjoy this movie the most is because I have grown up watching teenage films, my generation was American Pie, slightly more grossed out sex comedy, but you can relate to characters. the 80’s teen comedies are classic with Ferris Bueller’s day off and Breakfast Club being older favourites. This year has been wonderful for the teenage moments films with 8th Grade being another hit, Love Simon is easier to connect to with the idea that the added pressure of technology and being in a position of not knowing where you fit in life, for a reason that shouldn’t ever be a problem.

I have watched this film 4 times in 2018 which for the amount of time I spend watching films, I can barely ever watch any film more than twice in a year. I feel the performances are near perfect, from everyone, we see each character have their own problems in life outside of Simon’s world, and the guessing game to who the student is, makes things very interesting, seeing the different reactions from student a facility shows how the world is still naïve about certain things.

This film will leave you with a smile on your face and that is what I am glad to see in any film I watch.


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