Opinion Battles Year 4 Round 12 Worst Animated Sequel

Opinion Battles Year 4 Round

Worst Animated Sequel

With the final round we are returning to the worst of, this time in animated movies, we seem to get a lot of sequels that just don’t work, this is going to give us a chance to vent about the animated cash ins we didn’t want to see.

Next Round – This is going to be the final Opinion Battles in its current form, I would like to thank everyone for playing and voting along.

Darren – Movie Reviews 101

Atlantis: Milo’s Return

I wasn’t a fan of the first Atlantis, this sequel brings the character back in three separate stories as it was meant to be a pilot for a television series, which only make things worse. The mysterious are not interesting and by the end of the mini adventure we are left wondering just what was the point.

Milo – Stuff and That

Alvin & The Chipmunks 3: Chip-Wrecked

Do I really need to explain this one? CHIP-WRECKED. CHIP. WRECKED.

Emma – Emma Explains It All

The Little Mermaid 2: Back to the Sea

To be honest, it’s pretty bloody hard to sequel-ize ANY Disney classic. That’s definitely one thing that sets the Classics aside from Pixar – Pixar do seem able to make pretty good sequels. Perhaps because they don’t generally have the ‘big’ happy ending and are more comical, who knows. I don’t know. I’m wittering. But yeah, The Little Mermaid is my all time favourite animated film and this ridiculous sequel was NEVER needed. If it had been brought out as a cut-price, cheap kids film maybe it would have been excusable but putting it up with, arguably, one of the best kids movies OF ALL TIME………well, it never had a hope. And if that wasn’t enough argument, in 2011,Total Film ranked it 27th of the 50 worst children’s films ever made. So vote for me. It’s my birthday this month!

Kim – Tranquil Dreams

Cars 2

I’m sure there can be a ton of direct to video Disney movie to choose but for the mainstream Pixar delivered quite a stinker with Cars 2. It was boring and not fun. There was nothing new and seemed like an obvious cash grab. It was a letdown from the first one.

Cinema Parrot Disco

Cars 2

Worst animated sequel is difficult as there have been so many bad ones. Disney alone has loads of straight-to-video ones that I haven’t even seen. I’m sure a lot of those are actually the “worst” but I’ll go with a cinema release and say Cars 2. That’s mainly because it’s the worst Pixar film yet they couldn’t just let it die. I say this as a huge Pixar fan, too. Before Cars, they could do no wrong. Cars was the first disappointing Pixar film. And yet they made more..

Tom – Plain Simple Tom Reviews

The Jungle Book 2

This is a bit of a hard one since no obvious candidates immediately come to mind. I’m guessing that something like Cars 2 will be the favourite but I haven’t seen that one – not having enjoyed the first one enough.


For some reason, there are plenty of direct-to-video sequels to amazing Disney films (The Little Mermaid 2, Lady & The Tramp 2 – WHY?!) but I’ve avoided many of them on principal. 


But I have seen this particular one (plus the sequel to The Lion King and the Aladdin follow ups, which I actually liked) and it’s just another example of an unnecessary and inferior sequel to a beloved classic. It’s unremarkable, the story’s dull, the cast isn’t as good and the animation looks cheap.


A vote for this is a vote against direct-to-video Disney sequels!!


Rob – Movie Rob

Cars 2

Interesting idea that just doesn’t work as well as I would have hoped. The best thing about this film is the innocent idiocy of Mater. The story feels too unoriginal and many of the reveals are too predictable. Deviates too far from the original concept and just isn’t as interesting.



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    Its the final round of Year 4 of Opinion Battles! We’re wrapping up the year looking at the worst animated sequel. I always have one choice on my mind whenever we talk about this and it goes to Cars 2.

    Head over to check out all the other choices and drop a vote for who you agree with.

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