Outlawed (2018)

Director: Adam Collins, Luke Redford

Writer: Adam Collins, Luke Redford (Screenplay)

Starring: Adam Collins, Emmeline Kellie, Andy Calderwood, Andre Squire, Ollie Christie, Jessica Norris, Anthony Burrows, Ian Hichens, Steven Blades


Plot: An action packed story of corruption and murder. Outnumbered, outgunned and against all odds, a Commando fights his way through a siege to save his girl.


Runtime: 1 Hour 42 Minutes


There may be spoilers in the rest of the review


Verdict: Late Night Action 101


Story: Outlawed starts as we learn just how decorated Sergeant Jake O’Neill (Collins) is, completing mission that are off the grid being one of Britain’s must successful soldiers. Back home at his latest award ceremony corrupt businessman Harold Archibald (Hichens) tries to by him off to work for him.

When Jake’s latest mission a hostage situation goes tragically wrong, he quits the force, learns his girlfriend is cheating on him and drinks the remaining money away. 6-months-later Jake is homeless with the only person left in his life Jade (Norris) comes to him to help avenge the murder of her father.


Thoughts on Outlawed


Characters – Jake O’Neill is one of the most decorated modern day soldiers, trained in multiple types of combats, he is the one military turn to with the most difficult mission, until one goes wrong forcing him out of the force and down a dangerous path. He gets one last chance to redeem himself by targeting ruthless businessman who murdered his best friends’ father. Jade is the oldest friend of Jake, they have always had each other’s back, she is the last one there for Jake, but when her father is murdered, she turns to him for help to get back and bring down the man that did it. Harold Archibald is ruthless businessman in Nottingham, he has been paying off anyone that gets in his way and if they don’t take money, well he kills him. His rise to power is put into question when evidence that could bring him down comes to light, he is now going to kill anyone who could bring him down.

PerformancesAdam Collins in the leading role also takes up co-writing and co-directing duties in this film, he steps away from the stunt work to take the leading role in an action film where he gets to show his military training on centre stage, a lot like the big names in action with combat training backgrounds we do like seeing the fight scenes over the talking scenes and this is no different. Outside Adam’s performances we have Jessica Norris who is solid enough but only ever seems to be the damsel in distress. It is Ian Hichens which becomes the most interesting when he threatens anyway the calm delivery of the words can come of haunting in places. When you get to some of the supporting performances certain ones are very poor.

StoryThe story here follows one soldier that is pushed to the limits and forced into one final revenge mission against a businessman that is controlling the local area, so this is everything we would expect, there is nothing new or nothing original about this side of the story, it works and entertains. There is one side of the story I feel we should get a lot more focus on and that would be Jake’s troubles after his mission goes wrong, this is a very real problem being felt with our soldiers in the world let alone the country, we just seem to gloss over it like it wasn’t that important which disappoints because we do spend a good ten minutes of this film just going for pointless nudity scene. As we said the simple side of this story is what will make you remember it most.

ActionThe action is shoot outs, fights and military missions, though we get certain moments of falling bodies jumping perfectly into crashmats.

SettingsThe film is set in Nottingham which tries to show us how crimes can take place in any city.

Scene of the Movie –
The final battle.

That Moment That Annoyed Me Not focusing on the very real problem Jake would be going through.

Final ThoughtsThis is an action film that is routine as they come, it will keep the action film fans happy even if it fails to address a major side story.


Overall: Simple and effective.





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