The Bestowal (2019)

Director: Andrew de Burgh

Writer: Andrew de Burgh (Screenplay)

Starring: Sam Brittan, Sharmita Bhattacharya


Plot: A suicidal businessman is visited by an inter-dimensional being who appears in the form of a beautiful woman.

Tagline – Have we always existed?

Runtime: 1 Hour 30 Minutes


There may be spoilers in the rest of the review


Verdict: Truly Thought Provoking


Story: The Bestowal starts with businessman Steven (Brittan) about to kill himself, with the trigger ready to pull, he gets visited by Death (Bhattacharya) who claims to visit everybody in the universe that has attempted or is planning suicide in a last-ditch attempt to learn the problems.

As the conversation flows we learn about Steven’s life how things in his life have question religion and his success in an attempt to save him for a better position in his life.


Thoughts on The Bestowal


Characters – Steven is a successful businessman that has more money than he could need and everything a man could want, except a family, he is on the verge of suicide until he meets Death. He argues his case to go through with the suicide before making his decision for what he wants to do. Death is a celestial being that visits people on the verge of suicide, these visits are meant to help the people whose souls will become lost, they appear in different forms this time it appears as a beautiful woman, offering the friendship and conversation Steven requires, reflecting the problems he has face and questioned in life.

PerformancesSam Brittan and Sharmita Bhattacharya are the only two actors in the film, they spend the whole film in conversation, the two show how exceptional chemistry in their conversation keeping us engaged in what is being discussed, because if they don’t perform we could find ourselves getting bored.

StoryThe story here follows on man about to commit suicide who gets visited by Death who offers him reasons to re-evaluate this decision. This is a conversation movie, this is one story that keeps us involved in this conversation, giving us a reflection to what are problems in everyday life, study factors in life that look at depression which could bring someone to the verge of suicide. The story will make you think about your own life and just what you are achieving from it, this brings us to the thought provoking side to the story, something many movies don’t give us. Be prepared to feel emotions you don’t want to be feeling for the start of the movie because we start very dark when it comes to the depression and suicide part of the conversation.

Fantasy/Sci-FiThe fantasy side of this story comes from how the conversation can come together mixing well with the idea of celestial beings that could come to visit people in their time of need.

SettingsThe film keeps the settings inside a house, this keeps us in a realistic location for a conversation that is needed for Steven.

Scene of the Movie –
The conversation is so interesting to see.

That Moment That Annoyed Me Nothing.

Final ThoughtsThis is one of the movies that will make you think about life decision, question your own place in life and make you believe there will always be more.


Overall: Must watch.




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