ABC Film Challenge – Romance – Y – You’ve Got Mail

ABC Film Challenge



You’ve Got Mail

Why I’ve Picked this choiceI did my full review on this film back in March, Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks were one of the best on screen couples of the 90’s, this being their third outing together and this time we follow a small book shop owner Kathleen Kelly (Ryan) who in search of love uses online dating, here she meets Joe Fox (Hanks) a large book chain business owner that usually eliminates the competition with his cheaper, larger selection of books.

This is a romantic comedy and does hit the jokes very well throughout the film reminding the audience that Hanks is just as capable of doing comedy as he is the more serious film, which is he most known for in the 90s. the idea of online dating was just starting out and while this is a remake of ‘The Shop Around the Corner’ it does show us how we changed our dating habits through the years.

This is one of the best rom coms from the 90s, it can be watched and enjoyed by all, even if some of the next generation might find it hard to see the first signs of online dating with the world circling around fast ways to chat.

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