Opinion Battles Year 4 Round 9 Favourite Martin Scorsese

Opinion Battles Year 4 Round 9

Favourite Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese is one of the greatest directors of all time, his latest film ‘The Irishman’ will be coming out soon and we will be looking at the films we enjoy from this legend who has given as a excellent collections of classic movies.

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Darren – Movie Reviews 101

Shutter Island

When it comes of Martin Scorsese, I know and respect he is one of the greatest of all the directors in the world, however I am not a fane of gangster films, which takes a couple of titles of the table for me, when picking the favourite of his career. I have gone with Shutter Island because I love a good mystery thriller and watching the pieces of this puzzle unfold is one of the most exciting and tense films I have seen and easily one that can get over looked by all Scorsese fans.


Milo – Stuff and That


The ultimate gangster movie is, not surprisingly, my ultimate Scorsese flick. Ray Liotta’s career-defining performance, along with a terrifying Pesci and De Niro combo, made this a thrilling film to watch, even when someone just tells a joke.

Cinema Parrot Disco

The Wolf of Wall Street

Easy choice. I’m not a massive fan of Scorsese movies but I loved The Wolf Of Wall Street. And Leonardo DiCaprio was fantastic in it. I just found it far more entertaining than the violent, gangster type movies he often does. (But I’d also like to mention Hugo as an honorable mention – I loved that one as well)


Emma – Emma Explains It All

The Departed

Easy for me, I LOVE The Departed. Obviously with a top notch writer / director like Mr Scorsese we do have a lot of options but none of his films, in all honesty, have ever made me go ‘OMG’ quite as much as The Departed.


It’s hard to say why in a way. I mean on the surface it’s kind of a ‘regular’ crime film but there’s something about it that hits me hard (in a good way) and basically, I just think it’s a great movie. To point out the obvious, it has a good script, great dialogue and a superb cast who all (with the SLIGHT exception of Ray Winstone) play their characters so well. Leonardo DiCaprio is fantastic and perfectly displays the vulnerability and compassion of Billy Costigan. Absolutely brilliant. Oh and the awesome soundtrack helps too!


Kim – Tranquil Dreams


Nothing has resounded in Martin Scorsese’s movies quite like Hugo did. It brings to life a very unique story adapted from a beautiful book full of lovely drawings and writings. Not surprisingly, the story is captured really well and part of it has to go to its talented young and experienced cast from Ben Kingsley to Asa Butterfield to Chloe Grace Moretz. It’s a magical adventure that is visually stunning set in a 1930s Paris and ties in with the love of cinema by Georges Melies. It’s a rare genre of film to show up in Martin Scorsese’s filmography but one that I wished he’d dive into more often.


John – Johnrieber.com

The King of Comedy

So many classics, and while “Taxi Driver” is #3 on my all-time favorite films, this one, at #6, is what I want to share, because “The King Of Comedy” is one of the most prescient films ever made.  Scorsese and Screenwriter Paul Zimmerman forecast a world where “becoming famous” is the only criteria for being famous.  Untalented Comic Rupert Pupkin kidnaps a late night Talk Show Host in order to showcase his act to America.  And it works.  Robert DeNiro is pitch perfect. This dark dark comedy bombed upon release and was then called the most “neglected” film of the 80’s.  Jerry Lewis was never better as well, and Sandra Bernhard’s movie debut is mesmerizing.

Diana – DB Movie Blog

The Aviator

My favourite movie from Martin Scorsese is The Aviator. Scorsese may have achieved directional brilliance in his other films, but The Aviator is not only technically good, it is also a very enjoyable and entertaining film to watch. The fascinating account of the rise to glory of Howard Hughes is simply a must-watch film, and while Leonardo DiCaprio plays eccentric Hughes with marked enthusiasm it is Cate Blanchett who truly shines in the role of Katharine Hepburn. Blanchett gives her now second best career performance and her amazing transformation is completely deserving of an Academy Award. Moreover, by watching The Aviator you also learn the history of film-making, old Hollywood and aviation in general. So, The Aviator is also an educational film.

Rachel – 54 Disney Reviews


I must admit I haven’t seen many Martin Scorsese films. His content can be a bit too R rated for my taste and he tends to make movies on subject matter I don’t connect with like mafia movies. 

All that said my favorite of his films is the delightful Hugo. This film is especially great in 3D taking you into the world of the 1930s Paris train station. It’s magical, fun and full of nostalgia for classic films, a perfect combination. 


Rob – Movie Rob


Excellent look at the life of mobsters in New York in the 70’s. Scorsese does an amazing job getting us to love these characters despite everything they do. In some ways, its easy to see that this is a continuation of Coppola’s Godfather series to show the ‘modern’ effects of the mob on society. Works really well as a biopic despite the fact that we’ll never really know how much is true. Amazing cast led by little known Liotta.  One of Scorsese’s best films to date because of the realism and strong characters.

Tom – Plain Simple Tom Reviews


No hesitation – it’s my favourite Scorcese film and (currently) my favourite film in general.


It has an exciting story, the characters are incredibly colourful, the acting’s awesome (Joe Pesci, anyone?), there’s thrilling events and brutal violence galore, the direction is passionate and the soundtrack is amazing; the use of “Layla: Piano Exit” is absolutely incredible.


Not a single second is wasted.




9 comments on “Opinion Battles Year 4 Round 9 Favourite Martin Scorsese

  1. Darren, I’m stunned Taxi Driver wasn’t mentioned by someone – as I say at the beginning of my choice, it’s actually my 3rd favorite film of all time…that said, there are NO wrong choices and so many other great films he has given us – including the classic exploitation drama “Boxcar Bertha!”

  2. Reblogged this on Tranquil Dreams and commented:
    Its time for Round 9 of Opinion Battles! This time we are choosing our Favorite Martin Scorsese Film. Mine was a no-brainer. Hugo all the way! Its such a leap from the usual and so fantastical and awesome.

    Head on over to Movie Reviews 101 to check out the other choices from the participants and remember to drop a vote for the choice you agree with the most!

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