Mayhem (2017)

Director: Joe Lynch

Writer: Matias Caruso (Screenplay)

Starring: Steven Yeun, Samara Weaving, Steven Brand, Caroline Chikezie, Kerry Fox, Dallas Roberts, Mark Frost, Claire Dellamar


Plot: A virus spreads through an office complex causing white collar workers to act out their worst impulses.

Tagline – Hostile. Work. Environment.

Runtime: 1 Hour 26 Minutes


There may be spoilers in the rest of the review


Verdict: Chaotic Fun


Story: Mayhem starts as we enter the world where there is a virus that hits the stress levels of the victims turning them into violent sociopaths. Derek Cho (Yeun) tells us how the virus has hit offices before and how he has been rising up the rankings of the law firm, but today is different, the stress levels have increased in the building and Derek is being fired for a mistake which isn’t his.

The virus hits the building before Derek leaves giving the people in the building 8 hours before the cure kicks in as the people must stay quarantined. Derek teams up with disgruntled client Melanie Cross (Weaving) to take out the members of staff that have ruined his career.


Thoughts on Mayhem


Characters – Derek Cho has worked his way up the law firm for years, he went from fresh faced newcomer to worn out stressed out employee, he does have to make difficult decisions that will hurt people and has enemies above him in the firm. Once he is infected with the virus he uses all his pent-up stress and rage to get even on his bosses that have walked all over him and fired him. Melanie Cross is a client that is about to lose her house, she gets trapped in the building with Derek and joins him in a battle to get revenge on the people who are going to make her homeless. John Towers is the boss that will fire anyone who can be blamed for a problem in the firm including Derek.

PerformancesSteven Yeun fresh out of the Walking Dead gets a leading role in this film and he does a great job getting into the psychical moments through the film. Samara Weaving is making a big name for herself in the action horror style movies, she is a joy to watch with the twisted smile only adding to her character. Steven Brand is an actor you can always put into a villainous role and enjoy, with the rest of the cast fitting the type of crazy we needed.

StoryThe story here shows us the effects of a virus which increases stress turning it into rage to unless the violence they have towards other employees. The story introduces the idea that this can happen randomly, it can be cured after a limit time and you can’t be charged for anything you do while under the influence. It does offer a fantasy idea that people you work with who annoy you could get what they deserve, but we can’t do that without an excuse like the story here offers. This is just one day at work when someone gets pushed too far and, in the end, gets an excuse for doing anything he wants.

Action/ComedyThe action in the film is aggressive bloody fights which do feel over-the-top which adds to the enjoyment of this film. the twisted comedy in the film shows us just how much enjoyment Melanie is getting from the day.

SettingsThe film is set within the single location, a law firm building, the people can’t escape until they are cured and this helps with the fighting as it involves the rise up the floors to the people he wants to get too.

Special EffectsThe effects through this film are practical ones for the most part, they show us the affects of the fight between the people in the building.

Scene of the Movie –
Put the music on.

That Moment That Annoyed Me The virus is slightly confusing with how different people react.

Final ThoughtsThis is a beautifully over the top action comedy, it does let people fantasise the ideas of working with people you don’t get on with and what you sometimes wish you could do to them.


Overall: This is an enjoyable action comedy.




5 comments on “Mayhem (2017)

  1. Joe Lynch is the MAN! Not only is he a inventive and original director,he loves to have fun and it shows in his films. The amazing thing I like admire about Lynch is the casts he can attract to his movies….Selma Hayak,Peter Dinklege and Kerry Fox are just some of the great actors willing to trust Lynch to make a good film.

    Joe Lynch is what Kevin Smith could have been. DOOOOOOOOOOOM!

      • What has Smith done that would be “edgy” since “Dogma”? Maybe “Red State” but nothing past that. He pretty much has directed some shitty films like “Tusk” and “Yoga Hosers”.
        Lynch is a far better director now and makes a lot more interesting films.

      • they are films you wouldn’t have expect him to do, Yoga Hosers is clearly a vehicle for his daughter, Tusk plays well into the podcast culture, while i wasnt the biggest fan, i know people that worship that film. Smith is a good ambassador now for directing and storytelling, he pushes people to prove they can do low budget work like he did. Lynch while great needs a box office break out, hoping he might get one of the darker guardians spin off in the future

      • Lynch doing an original Guardians team film is a fantastic idea…..that pile of shit at the end of GotG 2….Disney should fired James Gunn for THAT alone. I am a HUGE original team fan and seeing Lynch direct that would be epic!

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