Franchise Weekend – Nymphomaniac Vol 1 (2013)

Director: Lars von Trier

Writer: Lars von Trier (Screenplay)

Starring: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stellan Stkarsgard, Stacy Martin, Shia LaBeouf, Christian Slater, Uma Thurman, Sophie Kennedy Clark, Connie Nielsen


Plot: A self-diagnosed nymphomaniac recounts her erotic experiences to the man who saved her after a beating.

Tagline –  Forget About Love

Runtime: 1 Hour 57 Minutes


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Uncomfortable at Times


Story: Nymphomaniac Vol 1 starts as a beaten Joe (Gainsbourg) is rescued by Seligman (Skarsgard) taken back to his home to hear her story. Joe gives her story about how she is a nymphomaniac and how she became sexually awoken at a young age, flashback to a younger Joe (Martin) who goes through men for her own pleasure with her best friend B (Clark) in a competition level.

As the sexual stories compare to Seligman’s love of fishing we learn how Joe finds herself in this situation, well for the first chapter of the film.


Thoughts on Nymphomaniac Vol 1


Characters – Joe is the nymphomaniac, we do meet her at different stages of her life, from her first sexual encounter to her stage where she is left beaten up. We learn how she enjoys sex and has her whole life, she has only followed the idea of sex though, never believed in love, telling her story show where she is now. Seligman is a fisherman that takes Joe in to help her fix up, he listens to her story comparing it to his desire to fish. Jerome is one of the first true lusts that Joe has one that she might have loved, he was her first lover and soon becomes the pretend boss in her life, the one she can’t have. The rest of the characters we meet are those that are involved directly or indirectly with her sexual stories.

PerformancesCharlotte Gainsbourg is good at the telling the story side of the film, she does show the regrets of her characters past, but it is Stacy Martin that does sexual side of the story and as a newcomer does become the star of the show. Skarsgard is always a man you could listen to tell a story, this is all he does though. The performances are fine but no one outside of Martin really stands out.

StoryThe story here follows Joe a nymphomaniac that is telling her story to a man that offered her help in her time off need. Now this is a story about addiction, this time her addiction is sex and how it has affected different moments of her life. The story does give us lots of comparisons between sex and fishing which is weird and does try to make a big statement about people vision of life.

SettingsThe settings show us the different locations that Joe has been having sex and what it means to her life, none of the settings become the most important part of the film though.

Scene of the Movie –
Chapter 4.

That Moment That Annoyed Me LaBeouf doing an accent.

Final ThoughtsThis is part one of a double header, I am not looking forward to part two as this film doesn’t become the most interesting when it comes to everything going on.


Overall: Not the most interesting.




Opinion Battles Year 4 Round 8 – Favourite Film From 2017

Opinion Battles Year 4 Round 8

Favourite Film From 2017

We are well into 2018 now, so now it is a good chance to look back at 2017 and our favourite film from that year, we had some classic join the libraries of many, we also had some stinkers though, we don’t want to talk about them though. We are focusing on the ones we enjoyed the most, so lets see what we are picking.

Next Round Favourite Martin Scorsese –Closing Date Friday 7th September 2018

Darren – Movie Reviews 101

The Shape of Water


The Shape of Water is one film that struck home perfectly, it showed how loneliness can be difficult to get through and finding hope in the most different person can turn the life around. We have beautifully shot movie with stunning performance and it did go onto to win Best Picture at the Oscar, which says something about the quality of the film.

Cinema Parrot Disco

Stephen King’s IT

My favorite movie from 2017 was the new adaptation of Stephen King’s It. I’m still kind of in shock that a Star Wars film didn’t make it to the number one spot on my list but I really did love It. I’m a huge King fan and am always happy when I see a really good adaptation of one of his books. Here’s hoping Part 2 is as good!

Emma –
Emma Explains It All

Stephen King’s IT

It was between this and Detroit (which I reviewed recently on my blog – go read it, plug plug plug!) but in the end I had to go with my horror loving heart and choose IT, which I not only loved, but also thought was pretty much as sturdy, brilliant, scary, enjoyable and fabulous as it could possibly be, especially given the amazing 1990 original (though let’s just get this straight everyone, it’s not really a ‘remake’ when it’s based on a book…). That is mainly the reason that I chose IT. I mean, to make any sort of mark after enjoying Tim Curry for soooo long, would have been impressive. But to make SUCH a big mark and to hit the nail on the head so darn well – I just couldn’t choose anything else.


Milo – Stuff and That

The Disaster Artist

As a big of a cult boy myself, it’s no surprise that the story of the ultimate cult film (the cultimate if you don’t mind) is my pick. With James Franco’s passion for the project showing in both his performance and his painstaking direction, everything here is really, really done well and with a meticulous level of detail. That, and it’s just bloody brilliant.

Tom – Plain Simple Tom Reviews

A Ghost Story

It’s actually hard to figure out just what constitutes a 2017 film these days. There’s great films like Lady Macbeth and Hacksaw Ridge which we in the UK would have seen in 2017 but are officially 2016 films according to IMDB, there’s amazing ones like Coco, The Shape of Water and Phantom Thread that we’ve only been able to see this year, and then there’s the mighty Paddington 2 which is surely one of the very best but one that I believe US audiences only got to see earlier this year.


But anyway, as one of the most critically acclaimed films of 2017, A Ghost Story truly is an incredible film – it’s a patient, powerful and extremely moving tale about life and death set over the course of several decades which looks at where we’re heading as a species and it of course talks about great love and great loss. 


There are those moments where nothing happens (Rooney Mara eating a pie, anyone?) but it’s never boring and many moments, especially those brief moments involving the neighbour ghost, are incredibly sad and jarring. Plus, the idea that there’s so much history in a building really speaks to me – it’s something that I often think about.


A memorable experience and an overall intelligent and important film.


Kim – Tranquil Dreams

Kong Skull Island

2017 was a fairly decent year in movies. I still have a lot to catch up but from what I saw, it was honestly a battle between IT and Kong: Skull Island. The reason Kong: Skull Island won is because of the entire movie coming together so well. Its one of my first King Kong experiences and the fight and the island setting and the good comedic inserts to break up the tension and all the thrills were absolutely fantastic. Not to mention, the cast overall is great including Samuel L. Jackson who always elevates a movie even when he is playing a stubborn soldier masked with vengeance. Its some impressive stuff and it was so entertaining to watch.

John –

The Shape of Water

The Shape Of Water” was the somewhat surprising and completely worthy Best Picture of 2017.  Director Guillermo Del Toro brought his cinematic passions for fantasy, sympathetic creatures and evil governments into clear focus with this story of a cold war science experiment that becomes an otherworldly love story.


I read that Del Toro wrote the film with Sally Hawkins and Michael Shannon in mind, and you see it in their performances.  Richard Jenkins was also perfect in his role as a gay man seeking love in an uncaring world.


In a year when some films sledge-hammered home their points, Del Toro spoke to so many current issues in a much more relevant way.


Rob – Movie Rob


Amazing film that is told so well by Nolan. He is a master at telling complex stories in complex ways and this film is no exception to that rule. The cast is less important here because it is the story that acts as the main character throughout.  The story expertly weaves three storylines together in a unique way to give us an even grander perspective on the whole event.  The music by Zimmer helps keep the tension high as things get more and more tense as the story moves along. One of the best films of 2017, if not THE best.

Ryan – Ten Stars or Less

War For the Planet of the Apes

It will be no surprise what my favorite movie of 2017 was, although I did think about going with other movies I enjoyed from last year like Wonder Woman, Gifted, Patriot’s Day, or Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. War for the Planet of the Apes is the kind of movie you either love or hate, there really isn’t a middle ground. Caesar and his apes really altered the Planet of the Apes universe, providing us with unbelievable performances that go above and beyond the original story by Pierre Boulle. This story was admirable because Caesar persevered through many hardships and never give up hope for his apes to live a peaceful life they deserved. 

Gill – Realweegiemidget Reviews

Blade Runner 2049

So last year may have brought you Wonderwoman and Thor in those comic book superhero comedies we’ve been wanting to see since Antman… but for me this film was undoubtedly the best.  Also as one of the “Harrison Ford Returns to…” series following Star Wars The Force Awakens and Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, its probably the best of the bunch. So I prepared for this by rewatching the first film and discussed it at length with my husband on the all things sci-fi that go with it, I’ll admit I was prepared to be disappointed as most sequels, reboots etc just don’t measure up to that retro original.. But yay, it turned out to be just as fantastic as the first. It got 5 Oscar nods too and won two for winning Best Cinematography and Best Visual Effects. And there are plenty of opportunities to marvel at the stunning backdrop to this great film, which certainly meets the high standard of the original.


The sequel, has Ryan Gosling in centre stage – an actor I also recently enjoyed in The Nice Guys and La La Land – as a replicant called K who works as a Blade Runner for the police force. A Blade Runner – for those who confused already – kills replicants gone rogue. On his discovery that a replicant can reproduce, he is ordered by his superior to find the child of a replicant to avoid war between the replicants and humans. And on finding this child, K is to retire or kill it. The replicant child is believed to be the spawn Rachael and Deckard (Harrison) from the first film. And of course its a case of who is it? rather than who done it?. And when will Harrison Ford turn up?  And more importantly which of Harrison Ford’s 80s films will be next in the “You’re the daddy” series…

S.G. Liput – Rhyme and Reason

The Last Jedi

I know it’s become one of the more controversial entries in the Star Wars canon, lauded and savaged by fans in equal measure, but Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi had everything I could have wanted in a Star Wars sequel. The action is spectacular, the humor is frequent (yes, that’s a good thing in my book), and the fast-paced plot took some daring and genuinely surprising turns, which were refreshing after the copy-and-paste storyline of The Force Awakens (which I still liked a lot, no hate intended). Despite its bittersweet ending, The Last Jedi left me thrilled and excited for more from one of my favorite franchises.



ABC Film Challenge – Sci-Fi – D – Daylight’s End (2016)

Director: William Kaufman

Writer: Chad Law (Screenplay)

Starring: Johnny Strong, Lance Henriksen, Louis Mandylor, Hakeem Kae-Kazim, Krzysztof Soszynski


Plot: Years after a mysterious plague has devastated the planet and turned most of humanity into blood-hungry creatures, a rogue drifter on a vengeful hunt stumbles across a band of survivors in an abandoned police station and reluctantly agrees to try to help them defend themselves and escape to the sanctuary they so desperately need.

Tagline – The apocalypse was just the beginning

Runtime: 1 Hour 45 Minutes


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: By the Book Action Horror


Story: Daylight’s End starts as we enter a world with zombie like vampire creatures, that act like zombies but can only come out at night, we meet drifter Rourke (Strong) who has been hunting them for years, now he rescues Sam (Edmundson) a survivor from a larger group run by Frank (Henriksen) hiding out in a police station.

Rourke has found a plane which gives the survivors a reason to fight to escape from the nightmare they are facing, which divides the group who must learn to put their difference a side to survive in a new location.


Thoughts on Daylight’s End


Characters – Rourke is the lone drifter that has always kept to himself when it came to dealing with the creatures, now joining a group he looks to lead them to safety, he has a broken past like most in this world, he is ruthless to the bad guys and helpful to the good guys. Frank is the leader of the survivors, he doesn’t trust Rourke to start with, but soon must learn to trust him even if it means risking others.

PerformancesJohnny Strong is good in the leading role, he looks the part for a reluctant hero which is needed for this film. Lance Henriksen is always a draw in the horror world and this is no different working for the film. The rest are good without being anything over the top or weak.

StoryThe story is lone drifter that helps group of survivors escape from a trapped location where they are only surviving over having an escape plan. This has been done before, it is a tried and tested formula for action horror which is good, but it doesn’t offer anything new to the genre. There isn’t the deepest side to anything going on either.

Action/Horror/Sci-FiThe action is firing guns, running and rolling around fights nothing too difficult to enjoy. The horror is with the creature used which are good enough to be a threat for our survivors in the sci-fi look at the destroyed Earth.

SettingsThe setting take us to a big city as we see the survivors needing to find a way to survive the situation.

Special EffectsThe effects are fine, they work for the film without being overly used throughout.

Scene of the Movie –
Battling the Alpha

That Moment That Annoyed Me Borrowing the 28 Days Later music.

Final ThoughtsThis is a very simple action horror, it is one you could easily sit back and enjoy without being tested too much.


Overall: Easy to Watch




Murder on the Reef (2018)

Director: Allen Dobrovolsky, Alex Fitzwater, Nicole McCuaig

Writer: Nicole McCuaig


Plot: For the past 4 years, scientist Dr Allen Dobrovolsky has been testing the waters of the Great Barrier Reef. Concerned with the degradation in water quality, his research has led him to believe that the reef could be facing an environmental disaster of enormous proportions.

Tagline – A Natural Wonder of the World brought to its knees!

Runtime: 1 Hour


There may be spoilers in the rest of the review


Verdict: Important & Impactful


Thoughts on Murder on the Reef


ThoughtsIn England we have one of the icons in nature in Sir David Attenborough who for over half a century as been giving us warnings about human involvement in the destruction of nature, in 2015-2016 he did his own warnings over the Great Barrier Reef, now we look at the political side of the destruction. Two years later we learn how scientist Dr Allen Dobrovolsky continued to share this message with his own research after his own 4 years of research.

We get to head to the tourist sites along the Great Barrier Reef, that has been giving the profit needed to keep the tourism an achievable business. The problems came from increased industry along the coasts which have caused long-term problems, climate change and demand on job security that is running through Australia.

We focus on searching for the people who won’t help rather than looking for a sensible answer for a solution to the constantly decreasing health of the Reef. The government’s different attitudes toward whether saving the Great Barrier Reef compared to continuing to increase profits coming into the country only lead to petty arguments instead of ideas.

The documentary wants to send a message, it achieves that and now the simple question must be, Can people work together to find a solution before it is too late?

The one thing that must be noted about this documentary, is that you won’t be getting endless beauty shots of the Great Barrier Reef, we are only looking at the worst moments surrounding it and seeing interviews with people trying to look for solution mixed if parliament discussion.


Overall: Sir David Attenborough showed us the visual destruction, Dr Allen Dobrovolsky showed us the political cause of the destruction.