ABC Film Challenge – Favourite Films – Z – Zombieland

Favourite Films


This month we are going to be taking on the films I enjoy, my favourites of all time. I have a strange taste in movies, so be ready to expect some true greats and some you could never see on anyone’s favourites list. I will only be picking movies on this list and it will just be my discussing my picks rather than giving full reviews.


Why I’ve Picked this choiceWhen this movie first came out, it bought back the memories of playing the Dead Rising games, the games I loved playing while growing up, the kills are comical for the most part, which is what the game gave us. We follow four survivors of a zombie apocalypse all named after their home towns in America. Each character has enough about them to make them stand out and four Oscar nominated actors with one winner, we know we can trust the cast. The Bill Murray cameo is beyond funny, leaving you in stitches. The star of the film for me is Woody Harrelson, who starts of being wildly over the top in a Twinkie hunt, but as the story unfolds we learn the true heartbreak he has suffered.


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