ABC Film Challenge – Favourite Films – C – The Crash Reel

Favourite Films


This month we are going to be taking on the films I enjoy, my favourites of all time. I have a strange taste in movies, so be ready to expect some true greats and some you could never see on anyone’s favourites list. I will only be picking movies on this list and it will just be my discussing my picks rather than giving full reviews.

The Crash Reel

Why I’ve Picked this choiceThis is a documentary about snowboarding, yeah this doesn’t sound like something I would like would it? Well this tells the story of Kevin Pearce, one of the greatest snowboarders of his generation, and one that got Snowboarding into the Winter Olympics, the tragic side of this story is that he never got to compete due to an accident which has forced his retirement. We learn how he became a pioneer face for safety in the sport he loved and he witness his friends injured and even worse killed competing in this extreme sport. We get to see how sport across the board has looked to improve safety when it comes to head injuries and for me this is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen.


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