What Was Cloverfield Really About?

What Was Cloverfield Really About?

This discussion will contain spoilers and is done purely for fun, I do really like Cloverfield and don’t mean to offend anyone who was involved in the making of the movie.

Secret government document, hitting this has all happened and now we are going to be watching research about what happened for many films to come.

This is Found Footage and it rains in New York, see it is always sunny or snowy.

Creepy boyfriend films girlfriend naked in bed, well this isn’t going to end well.

Why are the government watching the part about preparing for the party?

One of the friends is leaving for Japan, so this is a leaving party that has a giant monster, which we would usually see in Japanese cinema with Godzilla and we know how bad it went when Godzilla came to New York.

Awkward conversation from TJ Miller, well this is awkward in real life now, or has this blown over now?

Surprise party guest is more worried about his ex-girlfriend being there over the people who turned up.

All the secrets come out after midnight.

Motivational speech about leaving the girl behind and enjoying life.

Ooooo Earthquake, cue the screaming.

The head of the Statue of Liberty being thrown across New York City, it was almost like the director was pleading to get a chance at a Planet of the Apes movie.

This is also an amazingly cool shot.

We get to see part of the giant monster, the less is more technique in effect.

Let’s regroup and figure out what to do, get out of town, a smart decision in a movie, what is going on?

Bridge is out, he is dead, well this escalated quickly.

We film running in found footage, this is why people hate these movies.

New idea, get across town to save old girlfriend, well I guess the smart one died.

The big creature has little creatures, this makes for good horror and cheaper effects moments.

Wrong turn, as the friends up in the middle of the battle between the military and the monster.

Subway seems like a good place to hide, wait it is dark down here.

The ocean is big, elsewhere the sun is hot.

SPIDERS or spider like creatures that scare rats.

How about we run?

Nasty cut, do you think it will get infected?

Three bad options each leading to certain death.

Military set up in a shop, guess they were shopping between fights.

Turns out getting bitten isn’t the best thing that can happen to you.

New York City is going to get blown up as the last resort

We have a countdown for evacuation, put the stopwatch on the screen please.

TJ Miller pretty much asks the questions the internet has been asking about this movie, in the movie without knowing the answers, Fourth Wall Break before he was in Deadpool.

Let’s do this dangerous climb from one building to a fallen down one, because we ran out of money for the monster effects?

We gave up a brother and a friend to maybe save a girl you were abandoning and she is near death, was it worth it?

The great escape is on now, get to the Choppa!

We see the creature monster and it is one ugly mother fucka!

Praying for life while still holding the camera in a helicopter crash.

Time for your close up.

This really small bridge if going to be the safest place we can find to record our goodbye messages.

I had a good day’ as the final line, this tells the audience how they should feel, slightly in there faces.






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