THE CURED In UK cinemas from 11 May 2018 and on DVD and Digital from 14 May 2018

Image title

Years after Europe was ravaged by the Maze virus, transforming people into cannibalistic monsters, a cure is finally found. Senan Browne (Sam Keeley) is haunted by what he did while infected. As he returns to the home of his brother’s widow, Abbie (Ellen Page), fear and suspicion threaten to plunge the world back into chaos.

Hot quotes:

“pulls off a fresh take on zombie terrain.”- Variety

“Heartbreaking, compelling, terrifying”- Globe and Mail

“a genre film to beat in 2018 “-

“flashes of ear-shattering violence…classic jump-out-of-your-seat moments” – The Hollywood Reporter

“a compelling narrative”- **** Bloody Disgusting

“uses the zombie mythos as Romero intended” – Dread Central

“a novel take on an age old favorite [genre]”- Ain’t It Cool News

“a fantastic set up for an unorthodox zombie thriller…an engaging, thoughtful addition to the growing subgenre”- Collider

“Visceral, gripping, and markedly intelligent… brilliant central performances.” – **** UK Film Review


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