Veronica (2017)

Director: Paco Plaza

Writer: Fernando Navarro, Pace Plaza (Screenplay)

Starring: Sandra Escacena, Bruna Gonzalez, Claudia Placer, ivan Chavero, Aa Torrent, Consuelo Trujillo


Plot: Madrid, 1991. A teen girl finds herself besieged by an evil supernatural force after she played Ouija with two classmates.

Tagline –  Alguien respondió a tu llamada. [Someone answered your call.]

Runtime: 1 Hour 45 Minutes


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Good Scares


Story: Veronica starts in Madrid where a major event based on true events has happened, rewind 3 days and we meet Veronica (Escacena) the eldest of the four siblings and the one who takes care of them while their mother works late. On the verge of an eclipse, Veronica joins two classmates with a Ouija board which leads to an unknown presence becoming attached to Veronica.

When the presence starts to become more deadly Veronica must figure out a way to rid herself of this spirit, while continuing to be the responsible one around the house, what does this spirit want?


Thoughts on Veronica


Characters – Veronica is the 15-year-old girl, she does the house work, while looking after her younger siblings as their mother works after their father’s death. she is also like any other teenage girl, wanting to break the rules, interested in boys, but what she wants most is to reconnect with her father, this only unleashes the evil and she must protect her siblings before they end up in danger. We do have the siblings who are infant ages that do need to look up to Veronica.

PerformancesSandra Escacena is the star of this movie, her performance is very strong from start to finish and she must carry the movie for long times. The rest of the cast are good, but don’t get enough time to shines compared to Sandra.

StoryThe story does the based on true events card with us, but the reality is we don’t know how much is or could be true, as the policeman that is meant to be reporting the events only appears at the very end of the events. Taking away from this point we have one young woman that becomes possessed by a spirit while trying to do the right thing for siblings. The style of film is always a good watch and the performance is what makes the highlight of the film. it does have moments of shock which keeps us guessing through the film.

HorrorThe film does have good horror moments in, we have shock moments which you can tell something will happen, but left unsure what part will happen.

SettingsMost of the horror takes place inside the apartment, which shows the evil can follow you home.

Special EffectsThe effects in the film will leave you surprised and are used very well to add to the horror moments of the film.

Scene of the Movie –
Follow the glass.

That Moment That Annoyed Me Not sure where the true story comes from.

Overall: This is a good horror movie for the horror fans and it will give you the scares you need to see.





ABC Film Challenge – Random – E – Exposed (2016)

Director: Gee Malik Linton

Writer: Gee Malik Linton (Screenplay)

Starring: Ana de Armas, Keanu Reeves, Christopher McDonald, Mira Sorvino


Plot: A police detective investigates the truth behind his partner’s death. The mysterious case reveals disturbing police corruption and a dangerous secret involving an unlikely young woman.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Painfully Boring


Story: Exposed starts as we follow Isabel (Armas) go about her life as a teacher and girlfriend of small time gangsters who are all close, she starts seeing strange thing around town. We also meet Detective Galban (Reeves) who must investigate the murder of his partner after he was found to be investigating the gangs of Harlem.

We follow how Galban must deal with his own demons and Isabel must deal with her own miracle but it takes time for the two to cross paths an understand the meaning of the messages.


Thoughts on Exposed


Characters/PerformanceDetective Galban is he broken man, his wife has died, his child doesn’t live with him and now his partner has been murdered, he goes out to search for the people responsible, giving himself a chance to face his demons. Isabel is he young woman a teacher that has her boyfriend away in Iraq as she lives with the family in gang filled environment but a miracle changes how she sees the world.

Performance wise, Ana and Keanu are both fine in their roles without being anything up to the levels we know they can reach, most notable together in Knock Knock.

StoryThe story here is very messy, we spend too much time on separate paths which just leave us confused by the time we reach the main conclusion of the story, which is a mix of obvious and confusing.

Crime MysterySomeone got murdered, there is your crime story and mystery is who did it and for some reason we are trying to care about it all.

SettingsNone of the settings are used for the impact in the film.

Final ThoughtsThis is a mess of a film that just seems to end as the mess it has been created to be.


Overall: Avoid this messy film.