Movie Reviews 101 Midnight Horror – Eden Lodge (2015)

Director: Andreas Prodromou

Writer: Andreas Prodromou (Screenplay)

Starring: Georgina Blackledge, Cyd Casados, Ivy Corbin, Ellie Dickens, Ben Gardner Gray,


Plot: A young family are stranded at the Eden Lodge. The people they meet are being killed one by one. They must fight to save their marriage, their family, and most of all their lives.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Forgettable


Story: Eden Lodge starts as we follow two hikers Nancy Craven (Blackledge) and Laurie Carpenter (Corbin) as they get picked off by a killer in the woods, also these names are showing the writer, director is a big fan of Wes Craven and John Carpenter. After this introduction, we meet the Michaels family, Adam (Gardner Gray) and Rachel (Casados) along with baby Alfie, who break down in the English countryside and suggested Eden Lodge to stay.

We see how Adam and Rachel are struggling with their relationships which has become strained from even before the baby was born but this weekend could be the final test for the couple or the breaking point when strange events start happening on and around the lodge.


Thoughts on Eden Lodge


Characters/PerformanceRachel is the wife and mother that is thinking about going back to America because the marriage isn’t working out the way she thought it would, she does get tempted but doesn’t give into it. Adam is the husband and father that made a mistake but married through honour after learning Rachel is pregnant, he gets tempted by beautiful guest but doesn’t want to give into the urges. Mrs Wilkes is the owner of the lodge that does come off strange during the events of the weekend.

Performance wise, we need to get honest here, the acting isn’t that good here, the chemistry between the couple is non-excitant and yes, I do know they are meant to be at a strained part of it but even with that we are left wondering how they were ever together. This film for sure won’t get remembered for the acting.

StoryThe story is also confusing at the most part because it hints heavily have supernatural only for things to end up going in the direction of just a hack em slash em story line. We are not left to wonder enough in any direction to where this film goes and in the end it just feels flat.

Horror/MysteryFirst the supernatural vibes are good but then it is just a slasher with no conviction, the mystery suggests who the killer could be but it just doesn’t make the impact it should.

SettingsThe setting is on a lodge in the middle of nowhere, which is good because our characters can’t get away and can’t call for help.

Special EffectsThe effects are good enough when needed we tend not to need them for what the story wants to do.

Final ThoughtsThis horror lacks the punch needed to make this stand out on the levels of the good ones, instead it just wants to shock for the sake of it.


Overall: Forgettable horror film.




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