ABC Film Challenge – What I Enjoyed in 2017 – Y

What I Enjoyed in 2017


This month I won’t be doing reviews at all, just a small discussion to what I enjoyed last year, you will be able to find my reviews by following the link HERE


Your Name

Why I’ve Picked this choiceIn the world of anime we usually turn to Studio Ghibli for the most popular in the Western world, well this came from another studio and could easily be one of the greatest anime movies of all time, while it barely got a cinema release in the UK it would be an honest statement that his film blasts any Pixar or Dreamworks animation movies out the water. The story follows a boy and a girl who switch bodies and they have to learn to live with the different bodies and worlds they keep switching between until something changes leaving us to wonder just where things will be going next. This film will make you smile and cry with equal amounts of joy and sadness.


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