2017 Award Worst Animation

2017 Award

Worst Animation

January is here and that means award season and for the whole of January I will be looking at a range of best and worst subjects. I actually avoided most animation movies this year, I only saw 4 so this is the one I enjoyed the least.


The LEGO Batman Movie

Reason – This was the first animated movie I saw this year, I didn’t like the amount of jokes the film had which become tiresome even for a parody movie. I don’t think this movie is going to anywhere near the worst movie of the year list, but it was the weakest animated one.


  1. Aww I quite enjoyed this one! It wasn’t as good as the original Lego Movie for sure though!
    I can’t say I’ve seen any “amazing” animated movies this year actually…

  2. I watched this on TV the other day and found it better than I expected, as I didn’t like The Lego Movie. I think it was was very poor for animation in 2017 I don’t even think I went to the cinema to see any of them,.

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