The Devil’s Well (2017)

Director: Kurt Speiler

Writer: Kurt Spieler (Screenplay)

Starring: Bryan Manley Davis, Chris Viemeister, David Alexander, Kristen Seavey, Jon Gregory, Lauren Sowa


Plot: Karla Marks mysteriously vanishes while conducting a paranormal investigation with her husband. A year after her disappearance, a group of paranormal investigators attempt to uncover the truth about her disappearance.

Tagline – Have You Seen Karla Marks

Runtime: 1 Hour 28 Minutes


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Horror Done Well


Story: The Devil’s Well starts as we learn the aftermath of Karla Marks disappearance, her along with her husband Bryan (Davis) had been conducting a paranormal investigation of a place known as The Devil’s Well. This is done with interview styles of the different people in their family and friends that know about her love of paranormal investigation and for her husband.

One year later Bryan asks his college friends who have their own team SIGNS run by Lucas Baker (Viemeister) and includes, Kris Manners (Alexander), Riley Harper (Seavey), Dennis Howard (Gregory), Lynn Baker (Sowa) and film maker Kurt Schafer (Spieler), to go back to the Devil’s Well to learn the truth about what happened on that night.


Thoughts on The Devil’s Well


Characters – Bryan Marks is one half of a paranormal investigating team, his wife goes missing on one of their investigations, he spends a year being accused of foul play, but turns to an old friend to hopeful find the answers for him, Lucas Baker takes his team to investigate the Devil’s Well hoping to help his friend find answers and put any suspicious about his friend behind them. The rest of the characters are members of the team, as everything is told in interview form we don’t need extra development given to these characters as they are designed to be part of a regular TV or Web series.

PerformancesThe performances are a judged on how much we believe them to be a real team and people making an investigation about what happened on that date. I feel the performances are good throughout the film not looking out of place in this style of film.

StoryThe film starts in interview format, similar to what Lake Mundo did, this helps because it gets to look at what has been reported to have happened and why this new investigation is going to be happening. Once we enter the building it does turn into a paranormal investigation gone bad story, it has elements of new material, but otherwise tends to follow the trends set by the many films before it. We could have worked with the interview format for longer in the film because that would have bought us a newer element to this idea even if the final fifteen minutes are creepy as you can imagine.

HorrorThe horror dives into the ideas of paranormal investigation gone wrong, we do have moments of found footage, but the shaky cam does make sense because the team is looking for answers.

SettingsThe film takes place inside the building with the well in, it gives us the creepy isolated location that feels haunted while they investigate the truth.

Special EffectsThe effects are only used when needed, the film doesn’t need them for the most part.

Scene of the Movie –
Not alone.

That Moment That Annoyed Me The generic moment in the house.

Final ThoughtsThis is a good horror, it follows the ideas of Lake Mundo and a paranormal investigation movie, this does work for the most part and does have the documentary feel the film wants.


Overall: Good slow burning horror.




ABC Film Challenge – What I Enjoyed in 2017 – A

What I Enjoyed in 2017


This month I won’t be doing reviews at all, just a small discussion to what I enjoyed last year, you will be able to find my reviews by following the link HERE


Anti Matter

Why I’ve Picked this choiceIn a year where we have seen sci-fi films shine, Anti Matter tested your brain on the levels no other did last year. It is a film that you will get re-watch value as you put the pieces together after the first viewing, it enters us into a science world that makes sense and wouldn’t be too far from being a possibility. The acting is top notch with Yaiza Figueroa being the top performer and you will be left wanting to see where Keir Burrows goes next with his writing directing.

2018 Most Anticipated

2018 Most Anticipated

2018 is here, so here is another most anticipated movie list, because we all love movies and love to get over excited about these movies. For my list I have decided to leave out any of the award season movies and just target the big blockbuster based movies.

First the honourable mentions

·         Black Panther

·         Maze Runner: Death Cure

·         Mission Impossible 6

·         Aquaman

·         Pacific Rim: Uprising

·         The Isle of Dogs

·         Venom

·         Ready Player One

Here are a few I am worried about seeing

·         Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

·         The Commuter

·         Death Wish

Now the wait is over, the most important list

10 – Meg

I enjoy a mad creature feature and this film sound just like that, I want to see this movie, it isn’t going to be the film of the year, but I feel I can have a lot of fun watching it.

9 – The Predator

When it comes to the Predator movies, this is franchise I can enjoy all the individual movies the Predators have been in, this feels like it will be returning to the original roots and just can’t wait to see where it goes.

8 – A Quiet Place

This movie I had never heard off, I saw the trailer in the cinema and was instantly hooked into see this one, it had a smart trailer that only left questions which is what we want in trailers.

7 – Wreck it Ralph 2

Wreck it Ralph is one of my favourite animation movies of all time, it has the video game references I get and a true story of finding your place in the world. I know very little about the story, but I don’t care I just want to see it.

6 – Rampage

Rampage is a film I had no interest in watching until I saw the trailer and my opinion has gone right up on this movie after the trailer, it looks like complete bonkers fun, which at times you just want to watch. Remember it also has Dwayne Johnson in, so that always helps.

5 – Deathhouse

This horror movie is one that I have heard about for about a year, it has a whose who of horror icons in it and from director Harrison Smith we know we are in good hands.

4 – Avengers Infinity War

We have been waiting for this movie for years, after 2017 bought us excellent addition to the Marvel Universe we now have all the pressure for this movie to deliver.

3 – The God Particle

This may well have a connection to the Cloverfield movies and I have enjoyed both of those movies, I do want to see where this movie goes next, it is the first of this list to be released in the UK too.

2 – Annihilation

This movie is being sold to be completely on the director and stars, I have read the synopsis and I am interested to where this fil can go, I feel it will be a thinking person’s sci-fi which is something that we always want to see.

1 – Deadpool 2

Was this ever going to be a question? I loved Deadpool, it released the frustration of the tiresome comic book movies, which has now bought an enjoyment back to them because I know I will get a light-hearted look at the genre.


Let me know which ones you want to see in the comments below.