Space Station 76 (2014)

Director: Jack Plotnick

Writer: Jennifer Elise Cox, Sam Pancake, Jack Plotnick, Kali Rocha, Michael Stoyanov (Screenplay)

Starring: Patrick Wilson, Liv Tyler, Marisa Coughlan, Matt Bomer, Jerry O’Connell, Kylie Rogers


Plot: A 1970s version of the future, where personalities and asteroids collide.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: So Much Potential


Story: Space Station 76 starts on board the Omega 76 as Captain Glenn (Wilson) is welcoming a new crew mate LT Commander Jessica (Tyler), the ship is filled with colourful characters with Misty (Coughlan), Ted (Bomer), Steve (O’Connell) and Sunshine (Rogers).

Upon her time on the ship Jessica learns about the people on the ship as we witness all their different personal issues on this lonely voyage.


Thoughts on Space Station 76


Characters/PerformanceCaptain Glenn is a depressed, social awkward frustrated by the lack of promotions man who pushes everyone away on the ship. Jessica is the new crew member trying to make friends only finding herself dealing with jealousy and other issues from the current crew. The rest of the characters included a bored wife, hardworking engineer and a young lonely girl.

Performance wise, everyone is fine with Patrick Wilson getting to have the most fun through the film bring his own quirky style to his character.

StoryThe story follow social situation on a space craft set in the 70s, it is just an oddball drama. We have plenty of generic storylines to follow but nothing overly fancy for us to follow or get interested in, this would have worked as more of a full-blown comedy.

Comedy/Sci-FiThe comedy is mostly quirky through the film not making you laugh at any jokes just odd things that happen, the sci-fi idea is interesting seeing this idea of space travel from what is meant to be the 70s is fun to watch.

SettingsThe setting is good for this film because it is a time and a solo spaceship which works for what it is trying to do.

Special Effects –  We have solid but nothing special from the effects that all look low budget.

Final ThoughtsThis is slightly misleading film, it is a lot of just social situations on a spaceship where people now live, we don’t get an idea of the mission the plan or the point.


Overall: Boring film in all honesty.




2017 Watched List – Part 36

2017 Movie Watched List

Movie Watched list are always interesting to read to see what order people watch films in, over the past two years I have started doing watched lists with two different styles to talk about the over 1000 movies I had seen. This year I decided to mix it up once more. This time I will be listing the films in 10 like before and then picking just my favourites on a couple of subject’s I am picking favourites over best because sometimes the best films are difficult re-watches which is why I like the term favourite.

Here is 351- 360

1.    Turbo Kid

2.    Gremlin

3.    The Lazarus Effect

4.    The Perfect Storm

5.    Elevator

6.    Before I Fall

7.    Quarantine 2: Terminal

8.    The Other Side of the Door

9.    Let’s Be Evil

10.Train to Busan


Favourite Film

I could easily pick either Train to Busan or Turbo Kid here because I love both the film but I went with Gremlin as it was the fir watch of this movie which I enjoy just how the idea pushes us to the limits.

Worst Film
The Other Side of the Door

This is a horror that is filled with lazy jump scares which just don’t work an idea which tries to use culture clash and mostly just a boring idea.

Any other question you would like to know about the selection feel free to leave a comment and I will answer or maybe even add to future Watched Lists.