Opinion Battles Round 23 Favourite Post-Apocalypse Film

Opinion Battles Round 23

Favourite Post-Apocalypse Film

The end of the world is here, well it is at least in these films, we have seen many different ideas of the potential end of the world but just what is the most popular?

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Darren – Movie Reviews 101

Children of Men

The idea that humans can no longer going to be able to have children and people are giving up hope, the population is starting to stave and people are getting desperate, what more could you want from characters who are put in a world like this. We follow the first pregnant woman in 21 odd years needing to become safe to have her child.


Milo – Stuff and That


It’s just art. The way Katsuhiro Otomo crafted such the amazing Neo-Tokyo, with its sci-fi and high energy, is still being seen in movies today. A true trendsetter for the post-apocalyptic landscape. Shout-out to The Matrix, V For Vendetta and Mad Max: Fury Road!

Cinema Parrot Disco

Dawn of the Dead (1978)

Oh man – this is a favorite genre of mine. I love anything post-apocalyptic! It’s between two for me & they couldn’t be more different: Dawn Of The Dead (1978) & WALL-E. Yep, I’m clearly not right in the head. But these two films are two of my all-time favorites overall, not just within this genre. Can I really pick only one?! Damn. Okay, my choice is…. Dawn Of The Dead (1978)

Rob – Movie Rob

The Matrix

Amazing film that leaves so much to the imagination.  The special effects are ground breaking and the idea is mindblowing. Great performances by Reeves, Fishburne and Moss help make this so entertaining to absorb. They should have stopped after making this and not trying to expand the world even more with the two sequels that just don’t work as well.

Rachel – 54 Disney Reviews


My favorite post-apocalypse film is Wall-e. This genre isn’t my favorite because most of the time it is very cynical and depressing. However, with Wall-e we have an optimistic love story. I love Wall-e and Eve and their adorable romance. I love when the captain realizes the full life they could have instead of settling for being entertained. The animation is stunning. The voice work great. Wall-e is simply one of the greats!


John – Johnrieber.com

A Boy and His Dog

A very young Don Johnson and his talking dog – yes, talking dog “Blood” – roam the 2024 post-apocalyptic wasteland in search of food and water.  It’s based on a novella by iconic science-fi Writer Harlan Ellison, and the film’s tagline is “an ‘r-rated’, rather kinky tale of survival”, so I won’t share more except to say that, as usual, they aren’t alone.


This 1975 film is “R”-rated for a reason, and a terrific cult film that has been released on blu-ray for new fans to discover!  Here is a link to my story:


Tom – Plain Simple Tom Reviews

Mad Max 2 Road Warrior


A simple story with a relatively short runtime but it’s an amazing post-apocalyptic film, a massive improvement on the original.

Mel Gibson is perfect as the lone wanderer with a haunted past, always moving on, only looking to take care of his own interests but ultimately helping those who need help.

The villains are memorable, the design is unique and overall, this is an exciting post-apocalyptic film that’s full of terrific set pieces.

S.G. Liput – Rhyme and Reason


I kept trying to think of some dark actioner to fit this category, and while I could have gone with Mad Max: Fury Road or Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, I think my real favorite has to be WALL-E. It has a depressing future world where piles of garbage have covered the globe and mankind are gluttonous blobs floating around on a robot-controlled space ship, all courtesy of the studio that brought you Toy Story. Pixar’s lovable trash-compactor WALL-E showed us a dark version of the future but with hope too that mankind can better care for the Earth and return to the value of living over survival. Pretty good post-apocalyptic themes for a cartoon!

Emma – Emma Explains It All

Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies Poster

I still remember seeing this film for the first time in the cinema. I was instantly in love with it (and I didn’t even want to watch it that much!)

The story, the sentiment, the soundtrack, the strangeness – it was all so lovely. It really annoys me when ignorants say this is just “Twilight with Zombies” – er, no mate. It’s a sweet, weird and very lovely film with great performances (especially the adorable Nicholas Hoult) and a great message. And though there have been many super and epic post-apocalyptic films over the years, I had to go with Warm Bodies. It’s very special and unique. 




17 comments on “Opinion Battles Round 23 Favourite Post-Apocalypse Film

  1. I notice a distinct absence of some of the classics.
    The Omega Man. (1971)
    Logan’s Run (1976)
    Soylent Green . (1973)
    And many more…
    My choice is the amazing British film from 1984, Threads.
    http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0090163/ Originally made for TV, but released on DVD.
    I know most of you are too young for my selections, but please try to watch Threads.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Some interesting choices here! Many I haven’t heard, shame on me, this is perhaps my favourite genre.

    For me, best recent dystopian flicks were The Rover and Snowpiercer.

    As for my pick for the best, it’d have to be 12 Monkeys.

    I’ll have to take part next time round

  3. Reblogged this on Rhyme and Reason and commented:
    Don’t forget to vote for your favorite post-apocalyptic film in Round 23 of Opinion Battles! Ah, the apocalypse…. It never ends well, does it? There are so many different ways the world could go wrong, but I had to pick Pixar’s WALL-E, whose trash-covered future manages to be depressing, charming, and hopeful by the end. What’s your favorite?

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