Murder Made Easy (2017)

Director: David Palamaro

Writer: Tim Davis (Screenplay)

Starring: Christopher Soren Kelly, Sheila Cutchlow, Jessica Graham, Daniel Ahearn, Emilia Richeson, Edmund Lupinski, Paul A Rose Jr


Plot: Joan and Michael invite their dearest friends over for a cordial dinner to discuss the passing of Joan’s husband Neil. But as each guest arrives, dark secrets are revealed and the main course turns out to be murder!


Runtime: 1 Hour 15 Minutes


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Surprise Package


Story: Murder Made Easy starts as Joan (Graham) and Michael (Kelly) hold a dinner party for Joan’s ex-husband who passed away a year ago, the guest including family friends Marcus (Lupinski), Cricket (Richeson), Damien (Ahearn), Angela (Cutchlow) and Henderson (Rose Jr) who all have a gift left for them.

As the evening rolls on and the course are presented and the events of the evening are played out just how they were planned.


Thoughts on Murder Made Easy


Characters – Joan is the grieving wife who is hosting the party for her husband’s friends and family, she has gifts for them all, while also knowing secrets about them. Michael is joining Joan in the hosting duties and has been planning this night that they will never forget. We also have a colourful selection of guests at the party each with different connections to the past.

PerformancesChristopher Soren Kelly is one of our two main leads and he is good throughout the film, you can see his character ticking in every scene. Jessica Graham is great as Joan, she keeps us believing each decision through the film. the rest of the cast are good bringing the colourful characters to life.

StoryThe story is about a dinner party with a twist, it follows a group of friends grieving a lost loved one. The story is hard to go into detail without giving too much away. The story does go in a direction that could easily surprise by the end which is enjoyable to see and it does have a dark comic tone to moments in the film.

ThrillerThe thrilling side of this movie is keeping us guessing to what is going on through the night.

SettingsThe film is set in one house, for one night, this helps keep everything needing the suspicious feeling in what is happening.

Scene of the Movie –
Mr Police Officer.

That Moment That Annoyed Me Cricket’s character was frustrating in the new worldie way.

Final ThoughtsThis is an enjoyable thriller, it keeps you guessing until the final scene.


Overall: If you want a contained, calm thriller, this is for you.




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