Movie Reviews 101 Midnight Halloween Horror – Stung (2015)

Director: Benni Diez

Writer: Adam Aresty (Screenplay)

Starring: Matt O’Leary, Jessica Cook, Lance Henriksen, Clifton Collins Jr, Cecilia Pillado


Plot: A fancy garden party turns into upper class prey when a colony of killer wasps mutates into seven foot tall predators.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Fun Little Creature Feature


Story: Stung starts as Julia (Cook) taking over the family business takes her employee Paul (O’Leary) to a fancy garden party for the Perch family. Paul notices there are extremely large wasps around this garden party. This gives us a chance to meet the colourful characters at this party including Mayor Caruthers (Henriksen) and the son of the house Sydney (Collins Jr).

When the wasps invade the party they start stinging the guest who then turn into giant mutant wasps, the few remaining survivors must hide, sneak and fight to survive against this deadly enemy in creature feature 101.


Thoughts on Stung


Characters/PerformanceJulia is the owner of the catering company having taken over from her father, she is desperate to make sure it is a success which shows us just how determined she is. Paul is the laid-back employee that just wants a pay day but he will soon become the strongest opponent against the wasps. Caruthers is the mayor of the town, he isn’t that interested in being at the party but willing to fight to save the people. The rest of the characters are all colourful in their own way.

Performance wise, Matt O’Leary is good in the leading role show he has come from the child actor well, Jessica Book is good in her role too and we know Lance Henriksen will be a draw to this film whatever happens to him.

StoryDiving into the story we don’t have anything overly difficult to go through here, we have survivors facing off against giant wasps as we follow our plucky survivor’s truths come out about what caused the mutated wasps. It isn’t anything complicated and is as simple as you need it to be.

Comedy/HorrorThe level of horror works for the comedy without the film being a laugh a minute style of comedy, the film completely understands the mix between the two.

SettingsFancy dinner party away from the world makes for good setting, we also have the standard ideas of having no communication to the outside world giving us the isolation we need.

Special EffectsAll the effects are mixed, the CGI does come off clear but the practical effects all look great.

Final ThoughtsThis is a fun creature feature that can be enjoyed by all, it is big, crazy and original in places.


Overall: Creature Feature Fans Watch





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