Movie Reviews 101 Midnight Halloween Horror – The Neighbour (2016)

Director: Marcus Dunstan

Writer: Marcus Dunstan, Patrick Melton (Screenplay)

Starring: Josh Stewart, Bill Engvall, Alex Essoe, Ronnie Gene Blevins, Luke Edwards, Melisa Bolona, Skipp Sudduth


Plot: Set in Cutter Mississippi, the film follows a man who discovers the dark truth about his neighbor and the secrets he may be keeping in the cellar.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Good Horror Thriller


Story: The Neighbour starts as small time criminal John (Stewart) and his wife Rosie (Essoe) move into a farmhouse, the town shuns him knowing his past and the police heckle him looking to catch him out, but it is their neighbour that interests them in Troy (Engvall) a hunter at heart, that doesn’t like trespassers.

When John’s cover is blown, he rushes home to escape with Rosie only to find out she has gone missing and the clear subject is Troy. John enters his house looking for answers, but what he finds will leave him needing to fight to survive while trying to save Rosie.


Thoughts on The Neighbour


Characters/PerformanceJohn is a shady criminal, he drifts between towns but now he looks to escape, he must show all his abilities when it comes to sneaky to beat an even deadlier criminal group. Troy is a leader of a group of criminals he has a brilliant enterprise going on that he is the front for. Rosie is the wife of John who ends up being captured and is just a victim in most of this.

Performance wise, Josh Stewart is making a name for himself in this style of horror after the Collector films and he is good in these films. Bill Engvall is a good villain working well for the film with Alex Essoe being a standard female victim for the most part.

StoryThe story of two different sides of the criminal worlds clashing over something out of their hands does make it hard for us to pick a side but we do a good action horror side to this film. if we had a good side and a bad side it would be too easy to cheer for one but having to route for a criminal we do get something good here. The formula is tried and tested and easily left open for a sequel if need be.

Crime/HorrorTwo crime worlds colliding works very well with the horror side being a battle to survive what would be certain death in captured.

SettingsThe film is set over two neighbouring hours which does help the film create what is needed for the secretive side of what is going on.

Special EffectsWe have mostly practical effects for everything that is going on and it all clicks for what happens in the film.

Final ThoughtsThis is a solid horror that is well worth a watch.


Overall: Horror fans enjoy this one.





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