Fantasy Film Casting – Seven

Let’s Recast a Film

You know how us film fans always want to recast a film, well today we play the role of producer and this script has turned up on our desk. The next job is to cast the film as if it the year is 2017, the rules are as simple you can’t use anyone who is in the original film however good or bad you think the film is. So without further ado let’s cast this movie.

Film: Seven

Original Cast: Morgan Freeman, Brad Pitt, Kevin Spacey, Gwyneth Paltrow

New Cast: Liam Neeson, Channing Tatum, Tessa Thompson, Jared Leto

Why I have picked this star:

Somerset – Morgan Freeman – Liam Neeson

Somerset is the experience detective on the verge of retirement, he narrates the film but remains calm during any crime scenes as he searches for answers, you need an experienced actor in the lead role and in the 90’s Freeman was the go to man. Now Neeson is taking stranger roles but has always been calm in his delivery. It would be nice to see Neeson get back into serious roles which he hasn’t done many of in recent years with Silence being the only major one.

Mills – Brad Pitt – Channing Tatum

Mills is the hot-headed rookie detective new to the area being forced into working with Somerset which is designed to help him learn the streets. He is recent married to his sweet heart too. When Brad Pitt took this role he was trying to shake the pretty boy reputation and here he proved that he was a great actor. Channing Tatum is following a similar path, he has been taking risks Foxcatcher and even his small role in The Hateful Eight. This role could be the one that makes him break away for good.

Tracy – Gwyneth Paltrow – Tessa Thompson

Tracy is the wife of Mills, she is lonely in the new city and only turns to Somerset for ideas and a friend with the big secret about her pregnancy. We don’t learn too much from her and we do this character written stronger. Paltrow was one of the popular names at the time and worked for this role. Tessa Thompson has been making a name for herself for a while now Creed broke her into mainstream as the supportive partner and written stronger Thompson could steal the movie.

John Doe – Kevin Spacey – Jared Leto

John Doe is the killer that has been planning the murders for over a year. Kevin Spacey shocked the world with his performance and we all know this is most likely the hardest to pick a name for because there are a lot of actors that could play this psychotic, I had a couple of names Ryan Gosling being my second choice. I did go with Jared Leto because when he plays weird or crazy he shines when he doesn’t have to be a leading character, his Joker was different, Niander Wallace likewise, this guy can play creepy whenever he wants and this role he would relish.

How will this change the film: In all honesty I wouldn’t be changing too much with the film, the only change would be to make Tracy a stronger character.

Will you be going to see this new version of the film?
Who would you rather see in this film?

Disclaimer – This is just for fun and playing into the idea this film was to be released in 2017, this isn’t supporting remakes but just imagining this was a new film.


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