Franchise Weekend – Anaconda: The Trail of Blood (2009)

Director: Don E FauntLeRoy

Writer: David C Olson (Screenplay)

Starring: Crystal Allen, Linden Ashby, Danny Midwinter, Calin Stanciu, Ana Ularu, Claudiu Bleont


Plot: A genetically created Anaconda, cut in half, regenerates itself into two aggressive giant snakes, due to the Blood Orchid.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Well At Least They Are Over


Story: Anacondas: Trail of Blood starts as Murdoch (Rhys-Davies) has continued his research but when his doctor vanishes so might the cure, he hires a mercenary to kill the scientist and bring back all the research. Meanwhile Amanda (Allen) is searching the forest in search of any remaining snakes, whiles another research team led by Jackson (Ashby) is looking to collect the data.

While all chasing the same research they all find themselves at the mercy of two deadlier anacondas that are very hungry and takes no prisoners.


Thoughts on Anacondas: Trail of Blood


Characters/PerformanceAmanda is back and now she is basically Lara Croft hunting for the snakes, Jackson is part of a team searching for a missing friend and we have military guys, by reading this you will learn how none of the characters are memorable.

Performance wise is a similar situation as it is filled with average to bad performances across the board and I feel sorry for John Rhys-Davies for having to appear in two of these films now.

StoryThe story does try to continue on the idea of blood orchids create extended life but in the end is just lots gun shooting, running around the forest and snake eating, it is this bad that the military team don’t even have names.

Action/HorrorAction is people running around and shooting with toy guns, the horror is the acting.

SettingsRandom woods which are meant to be in Romania because that’s where you do research now.

Special EffectsNope.

Final ThoughtsThis is yet another bad addition to this franchise which gives us no hope on it ever continuing.


Overall: Please Give Up





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