Warriors’ Gate Out on DVD and DHD 2nd October

Warriors’ Gate

Out on DVD and DHD 2nd October

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“Fantastically staged action set-pieces” Nerdly
“Brilliantly choreographed battle scenes ” HeyUGuys

Fast sell

A thrilling martial arts fantasy adventure about a videogamer transported into an epic fighting world, from the minds behind Taken, The Fifth Element and The Karate Kid.

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While working as a store assistant, teen gamer Jack Bronson stumbles across a curious antique casket, which turns out to be a time portal – and out of which comes Princess Su Lin, on the run from sword wielding warriors. Jack becomes friends with the princess and helps her adapt to modern life, until she is transported back to ancient China.

With the help of a time-travelling wizard, Jack goes through the portal in a bid to rescue Su Lin, who is about to be married against her will to the tyrannical barbarian King Arun.

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Key talent: 

Dave Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy, Spectre)
Sienna Guillory (High Rise, Resident Evil: Apocalypse)
Francis Ng (Exiled, Infernal Affairs 2)
Luc Besson (The Fifth Element, Taken, The Transporter)
Robert Kamen (Taken, The Karate Kid)
Matthias Hoene (Director, Cockneys vs Zombies)

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We like it because:

Is there no end to prolific film maker Luc Besson’s imagination? Not content with redefining sci-fi with the likes of The Fifth Element, Lucy and Valerian, directing classics including The Professional and Subway, and starting the hit Transporter and Taken franchises, he also co-wrote this breathtaking fantasy adventure, teaming up with  Karate Kid writer Robert Kamen for this mix of Tron and Time Bandits and The Last Dragon.

Familiar TV face Uriah Shelton (Girl Meets World) makes an admirable big screen lead as the teen forced to confront dangerous warriors he’d previously only fought in his video games; and legendary WWE star-turned-blockbuster actor Dave Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy, Kickboxer: Vengeance) adds to his roster of memorable big screen parts, here as the fearsome face-painted villain Arun who Jack must defeat to save the princess.

Director Matthias Hoene deftly handles the big scale fight scenes, having had previous form wrangling bloodthirsty hordes with his horror hit Cockneys vs Zombies, while Besson and Kamen’s script is a pleasing mix of genres that harks back to 80s action-adventure crowd-pleasers. This is a fantastically entertaining big budget spectacle that Nerdly describes as “the perfect afternoon matinee movie”.


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