The Simpsons Challenge – Season 4 – Episode 2 – A Streetcar Named Marge

The Simpsons Challenge

Season 4

Episode 2 – A Streetcar Named Marge

Couch Gag – This time the sofa eats the family turning into a monster.

Plot SynopsisAfter blowing up in Homer’s face, Marge is cast as the lead in a musical production with Ned Flanders as her love interest, but the more she plays the part, the madder she gets at Homer; Maggie attempts to retrieve her pacifier from the nanny.

What is going on reallyWe start with the family watching the Miss America show with Marge trying to communicate with the family about wanting to try and be in a play, A Street Car Named Desire.

As Marge gets the led in the play because of how Homer treats her, she struggles when it comes to making the play happen. Maggie gets put in daycare and leads a revolution to retrieve her pacifier in the Great Escape style.

Marge finds her own motivation from Homer’s actions which makes her a start to see her own life in what was going on in the play.

Star Character


Final ThoughtsWhile Marge is the star of the show with her storyline which is enjoyable throughout, this episode does show us an important message marriage. For me the Maggie scenes are by far the best so far in the show, fun and showing her intelligence.

Rating 4/5


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