Opinion Battles Round 18 Favourite High School Film

Opinion Battles Round 18

Favourite High School Film

High School movies are films that we can all relate too, we all went to school and had a mix of good and bad times there, we have seen the changes as the generation have come through new technologies and styles just to fit in. with this we will see just what are the most popular High School movies.

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Darren – Movie Reviews 101

10 Things I Hate About You

A subject where I could easily have picked three different films, I went with the one I could just about what the most, for me 10 Things I Hate About has the most going on, we have the new kid learning the school hierarchy while trying to win the girl who isn’t allowed to date until her older sister does. We have a brilliant cast including the late Heath Ledger, with a story that just keeps getting something new in it every time you watch it.


Cinema Parrot Disco

The Breakfast Club

Favorite High School Movie? Well, seeing as one of the biggest & most time-consuming “projects” in my early blogging days was to host a John Hughes Blogathon, I’m clearly a big fan and would be a traitor to all those within my age group if I didn’t choose one of his films for this question. Hughes is THE “high school movie” king of my generation and The Breakfast Club is THE “high school movie” movie of my generation. So that’s my answer. I need to stay true to my teenage Eighties self! 😉


Rob – Movie Rob

The Breakfast Club

The cast was great; Emilio Estevez, Molly Ringwald, Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy and Anthony Michael Hall are all perfectly cast as their alter-egos.

The dialogue is amazing. Most writers would have trouble creating a two hour movie that is held together just by its dialogue because besides the interaction between the kids not much else happens and this movie is better off because of it.

It is rumored that it took John Hughes only two days to write the first draft of this movie.

Not many better high school based films that have a real message!


Kim – Tranquil Dreams

Easy A

Easy A is a movie that I easily watch the most. I put it on all the time as a background while I’m working on whatever on the computer or I just sit around on a day that I want to relax. Why is it such a great high school movies? Because its fun and entertaining. Emma Stone plays a great character and all the scenes are fun. There’s so many awesome moments. Honestly, I can go on forever about this one. High school is place of crushes, gossip and a desire to fit in and be noticed.


Tom – Plain Simple Tom Reviews


It’s incredibly rewatchable, really funny and is full of memorable scenes and outrageous characters.

It’s a great high school movie, looking at the potential end of a long term friendship and at the end of the day, the characters really love each other – the times spent at high school truly are the best years of our lives.

So yeah, an insanely fun, easy to watch movie that never gets old.

Everybody now: I am McLovin!!


Rachel – 54 Disney Reviews


My favorite high school movie is Clueless. It came out my freshman year of high school and I remember seeing it, cracking up and then going to high school and recognizing all the cliques and groups that were in the movie. It still makes me laugh with the great script and scenarios I relate too. I love the scene where they go on the freeway. That is hilarious. Maybe it is just being based on Jane Austen but I love Clueless so much.


Drew – Drew’s Movie Reviews

Back to the Future


Back to the Future is one of those films that if you come across it playing on TV, you have to watch it for a little bit.  It is a classic that I don’t think I will ever get tired of watching.  Marty McFly accidentally goes back in time to when his parents met and interrupts their first meeting.  This causes one of the most hilarious situations in a movie ever: Marty’s mother begins to to fall in love with him.  Now Marty has to get his parents to fall in love before he vanishes from history.  It sounds like a bad spin-off of “How I Met My Mother.”  It’s hard to believe that this classic almost stared Eric Stoltz instead of Michael J. Fox, even though I have a hard time picturing anyone else other than Fox as Marty.  Of course, I can’t forget to mention the fantastic score by Alan Silvestri, one of my favorite film composers.  Simply put, everything comes together perfectly.


Milo – Stuff and That

Weird Science

I love Weird Science because it’s both quintessientially 80s but it also has such a unique plot that it’s timeless. The comedy is on point, with the late great Bill Paxton putting in an excellent performance. It’s also one of the ultimate high school movies because it’s John friggin’ Hughes!


Diana – DB Movie Blog


“I love “Heathers” because it is such an unforgettable movie. It showcases teen high school issues and problems, such as school hierarchy and bullying, but also has this almost shocking death/murder twists, which make this film so entertaining and yes, strangely, funny. It may be too dark for some, but no one can really deny its originality. The script is very clever, and Winona Ryder and Christian Slater have excellent on-screen chemistry. A top-notch comedy-noir from the 1980s.”


Emma – Emma Explains It All



This was actually quite a difficult one. There were a few ‘potentials’ and in the end it was between this and Superbad.

In the end I had to go with Clueless, because – 1. It’s DEFINITELY a High School Movie. 2. I’ve been enjoying it for twenty years and imagine I’ll carry on enjoying it for the next twenty years. 3. It’s so 90s (my childhood era) and the soundtrack is too. 4. It has a genuinely funny script and is STILL funny to quote.


And probably loads more reasons too. Basically, I love Clueless. I’ve watched it a ton of times and I still enjoy watching it so much.

S.G. Liput – Rhyme and Reason

The Breakfast Club

What is my favorite high school movie? I easily could have picked High School Musical or Ferris Bueller’s Day Off for this round, but since I’ve already used both for past rounds, I don’t think I can use them again. Instead, I’m going with a quintessential John Hughes ’80s classic, The Breakfast Club. Few movies capture the angst, worry, desperation, hope, and pressures of being a high schooler like this story of five troubled youths forced together during weekend detention. Students who would normally never associate with one another actually get to know each other, and thanks to Hughes’ expert dialogue, both they and the audience are reminded that “each one of us is a brain and an athlete and a basket case, a princess and a criminal. Does that answer your question?”




12 comments on “Opinion Battles Round 18 Favourite High School Film

  1. It has to be The Breakfast Club for me. Some contenders would be 10 Things I Hate About You, Superbad, High School Musical, and Dazed and Confused even if hardly of the film is actually set at school..

  2. Reblogged this on Tranquil Dreams and commented:
    Round 18 of Opinion Battles goes to our Favorite High School film. This is possibly one of my favorite subgenre or setting for a film. With that said, the choices are truly endless however, one of my loves that I watch over and over again is Easy A. Lots of fantastic choices by everyone in this round.

    Head over and check them all out and remember to drop a vote for the choice you like.

  3. Some really great picks, and I love all the ones mentioned. Easy A, Clueless, Superbad, ect. But my favorite is and will always be Heathers. I never get tired of watvching that flick

  4. Reblogged this on Rhyme and Reason and commented:
    Don’t forget to vote for your favorite high school movie in Round 18 of Opinion Battles over at Movie Reviews 101! Plenty of good choices, but I had to pick The Breakfast Club, the quintessential ’80s high school classic.

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