Demons (2017)

Director: Miles Doleac

Writer: Miles Doleac (Screenplay)

Starring: John Schneider, Andrew Divoff, Steven Brand, Gary Grubbs, Miles Doleac, Kristina Emerson, Yohance Myles


Plot: Celebrated fiction writer and former priest, Colin Hampstead, and his wife, Kayleigh, are tormented by the ghost of her late sister, as the details of her grisly death are slowly uncovered.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Good Possession Movie


Story: Demons starts as Colin (Doleac) fails on an exorcism leading to him to quit the priesthood moving on to marry Kayleigh (Williams) the sister of the girl he failed to save. Colin brings Eddie (Brand) over wedding to Lara (Emerson) even though Colin is still getting haunted by what happened to Jewel (Harthcock).

As the birthday of Jewel gets closer the visions Kayleigh receive start getting worse and now Colin must remember the events of the original exorcism which could unlock the secrets to what has been happening, while Lara offers a new world way to solve the hauntings.


Thoughts on Demons


Characters – Colin is a former priest that after a failed exorcism has moved onto becoming a celebrated fictional author and husband. Now he must face his past to uncover the truth about what really happened and save his wife from the evil that still is connected to Kayleigh. Kayleigh is the sister of the failed exorcism that still gets visions of her late sister, she must look into her past to learn just why her sister still visits her. Eddie comes to visit Colin to celebrate his wedding to Lara, while Lara tries to find her new way to try and solve the mystery and connection between the family. Jasper Grant is the father of Kayleigh and Jewel that makes performing the exorcism difficult as well as being an abusive father. Dr Connor tries to offer a balance between the religious side to the story and a medical side to the story.

PerformanceThe performances from the whole cast are good throughout, Steven Brand gives us moments of comic relief needed for the intense side of the film with Miles Doleac doing great work behind and on front of the camera in the leading role.

StoryAs we know possession films are not one of my favourite sub-genres of horror, so I do look for something that gives us a fresh spin on the ideas. This does give us new look on it because we get a far closer balance between abuse and possession, we also have two-time periods which we go between. The present-day side of the story becomes interesting because it isn’t a possession more of a haunting and we do get to look at the idea of what would happen after an exorcism too.

HorrorThe horror being used through the film is a balance of possession and hauntings which does end up diving into the idea of paranormal mystery to solve which are great to watch.

SettingsThe settings do stay simple, we mostly spend our time in the homes with the two different times, this shows us the unwelcoming environment of the past and the welcoming one in the present.

Special EffectsThe effects never seem out of place and the film doesn’t just run to throw us CGI moments when we don’t need them.

Scene of the Movie – Visiting the past with Lara.

That Moment That Annoyed Me The film is set the night before the wedding, but not preparation is going on

Final ThoughtsThis is a nice spin on the exorcism genre, it works because it shows the consequences of what can happen after an exorcism goes wrong.


Overall: Good horror for the possession genre fans.





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