Franchise Weekend – Fast & Furious (2009)

Director: Justin Lin

Writer: Chris Morgan (Screenplay) Gary Scott Thompson (Characters)

Starring: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster, Michelle Rodriguez, John Ortiz, Laz Alonso, Gal Gadot, Sung Kang


Plot: Brian O’Conner, back working for the FBI in Los Angeles, teams up with Dominic Toretto to bring down a heroin importer by infiltrating his operation.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Back on Track


Story: Fast & Furious starts as Dominic (Diesel) is back with Letty (Rodriguez) and Han (Kang) living in the Dominic Republic stealing petrol for a living with the team. When the latest job goes wrong the team scatter with Letty being killed back in LA, while Dom is in Panama.

Brian (Walker) is now in the FBI and once again needs to find a way into a street racing circuit to take down a Mexican crime boss. Dom returns home also on the warpath eventually teaming up with Brian going undercover within the street racing circuit once again.

The job is working for Campos (Ortiz) who answers to Braga who is running drugs across the border but can they really work together?


Thoughts on Fast & Furious


Characters/PerformanceBrian is now a Fed, which I guess makes sense after what happened in 2 Fast 2 Furious, he still has the desire to be a street racer and gets this chance working with Dom. Dom is now on the run but risks everything to come back to help get revenge on the people responsible for killing Letty. Campos and Fenix are all solid villains but never dominating like needed to make them different from what we have seen before.

Performance wise, Walker and Diesel work great together even if the film is slightly more focused on Dom’s character, the two get to poke a bit of fun about things that happened in the first film. The other performances are all good without being truly stand out.

StoryBringing the original popular characters back helps this story, we have both men coming back to take down the crime boss because we needed the respectful enemies to become friends, taking a character’s life does drive the story too because it shows we could lose someone in this franchise now too. The core story is all what we have seen before, let’s do a crime, take down crime boss and drive away.

Action/Crime/Thriller The car chases are once again bigger and better than last time out which helps the films new direction, the crime story is now our heroes taking down criminals by breaking the law but it works.

SettingsBringing the story back to LA is good because now we see the effects of the previous films on our characters, the secret tunnel across the border also adds to the action.

Special EffectsThe special effects are what we have come to expect from the franchise and they all work well this time around.

Final ThoughtsThis is where the franchises got back on tracks because we get to see Dom and Brian back together working on the case to take down the crime boss, I see this as the beginning of what we know as the best chapters of the franchise.


Overall: Fun, mad and over the top, just the way we like it.




Rememory (2017)

Director: Mark Palansky

Writer: Mark Palansky, Mike Vukadinovich (Screenplay)

Starring: Peter Dinklage, Matt Ellis, Jordana Largy, Martin Donovan, Evelyne Brochu, Henry Ian Cusick, Anton Yelchin, Julia Ormond


Plot: The widow of a wise professor stumbles upon one of his inventions that’s able to record and play a person’s memory.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Emotional Sci-Fi Mystery


Story: Rememory starts as we meet Sam Bloom (Dinklage) a model maker that is haunted by his memories after the accident that took his brother. Years later Sam has been studying Gordon Dunn (Donovan) the mastermind behind the Rememory device, which is designed to keep memories.

When Gordon dies or is killed we are unsure, Sam steals the Rememory machine to visit the test subjects as he uses the devices to see if he can remember his brother’s dying words to him. Soon Sam finds himself investigating the death of Gordon with a large list of subjects including co-workers, test subjects or even family.


Thoughts on Rememory


Characters – Sam Bloom is a man with a haunted past, he suffers nightmares about what happened to his brother, but once Gordon Dunn dies he uses the Rememory machine to figure out who the killer is and to find peace in his own nightmare. Gordon Dunn is the mastermind that created the Rememory machine to grieve his own daughter’s death but his choices in subjects cause a list of suspects that could want him dead. Carolyn Dunn is the wife of Gordon that closed after her daughter died and became distant from Gordon, she does help Sam uncover the truth.

PerformanceThe performance put out by Peter Dinklage is fantastic and shows just how talented he truly is, the supporting cast is also great with Martin Donovan, Julia Ormond and the late Anton Yelchin giving us the character we need from their performances.

StoryThe story gives us an insight into dealing with memories, the good, the bad and the ones you want to forget. We follow one man who wants to solve a mysterious death and we do have a nice list of suspects giving us a mystery we can get invested in. the idea our main character Sam is also dealing with a moment of regret helps too, we are taken on a rollercoaster of emotions as we learn the truth.

Mystery/Sci-FiA mystery needs a list of suspects and this does give us this as we look to see the mystery get solved through the film, the sci-fi side of the film looks at the idea that we can record our memories to relive them at times.

SettingsThe film doesn’t make too much of the settings with most just showing the different worlds our characters come from.

Special EffectsThe effects are everything you need them to be, we have simple uses to show the memories that have small fracture feelings through them but just show us which are real and which are memories.

Scene of the Movie – Sam’s recorded memory.

That Moment That Annoyed Me I feel the one moment of the film does seem clear early on.

Final ThoughtsThis is a mystery sci-fi that does keep you guessing and you get rewarded with the powerful conclusion and brilliant performance from Dinklage.


Overall: Sci-fi mystery that plays on the emotions.